Facebook Canvas

The Anatomy of Facebook Canvas in Your Marketing Campaigns

Facebook Canvas: In the recent times, people are spending a lot of time online especially with their phones than desktop. They use various applications and one of them is Facebook. This is probably because the speed of mobile websites has gone up on a high note.

Advertisers have thus had the challenge to tell compelling brand and products stories on mobile in a way that is effective to users and at the same time enjoyable. This has led to mobile advertising being very low.

However, Facebook has tried to change this with canvas. To be precise, Burberry Facebook canvas is helping a big deal in this.

What is a Facebook Canvas?


Facebook describes canvas as an experience in Facebook where storytelling is turned into advertisements, especially for businesses. Businesses are able to showcase their stories about their products.

Advertisers have come to learn that, the emotional response of a person to an ad has a larger influence on the consumer to purchase a product than the real ad itself.

According to research, the emotion a person gets from an ad determines if he/she will buy the product or not.

Positive emotion to a brand enables the consumer to have trust and other judgments towards the product.

A good imagery can serve well for this purpose. When a person scrolls down a page and finds an image that captures his/her eye he/she will be forced to click on it and the full-screen page will pop up.

Combination of captivating images, videos and also tilting views makes your page to stand out and attract more. Facebook canvas is instant so there is also no waiting.

Facebook has highlighted that many brands have opted in for canvas unique characteristic to deliver more engaging mobile ads. Burberry, for example, has helped users to scroll through products as they choose what is perfect for them.

For the brands where the emotional part of people tends to be more involved, the Facebook canvas is ideal as it establishes psyche in the customer.

Facebook Canvas Serves a Good Purpose in Brand Awareness

Facebook Canvas

New people are able to be introduced to brands. This is as a result of the high speed that Facebook canvas has.

They are also able to come across new products. It also goes an extra mile to create a memorable advertising experience which can, in most cases bring out a differentiating aspect to your brand.

Facebook Canvas Increases User Engagement

Facebook Canvas

In addition, a canvas is a great way to increase a user engagement. This is because mobile users usually have a shorter attention span when using the phone compared to when using the desktop as it can multi-task.

As a result, engagement can easily break due to distraction and thus it is your responsibility to ensure that this does not happen by getting your message across as fast as possible.

Facebook Canvas Gives Room for Single CTA


In addition, Facebook canvas also offers the ability to incorporate a single CTA which is clickable so as to visit the advertiser’s website.

It enables people to browse products and view individual ones n detail even before clicking on the button to purchase on the website.

It is also better suited for low priced products as at the moment there is no way of generating an opt-or lead conversion.

The good news about canvas is that there is no additional cost for its ads. You just sign up and pay for the normal news feed ad.

The self-service tool for canvas enables you to create it with the tool. It simply means that you do not have to use code or a developer to make it.

You can just drag and drop elements once each is designed for Facebook canvas creative specs.

Unlike the traditional aspect of creating static ads that people can just see and click, creating new canvas ads involves more.

It’s not just like the auto-play videos which are badly sized on your mobile screens so that you can just click.

It’s more dynamic. It inserts an additional step in between the ad people actually see and any action they take on your website. Thus, the entire user flow requires being optimized to get higher conversions.

A good and critical concept that creates a connection between what you are offering and the expectations that people have is the message match.

Thus, a good message match should be able to create an increasing relevancy to your ad creative and the thing that the landing page is promising to deliver.

It is usually the link between ad elements that can lead to high conversions or negatively make people bounce.

Therefore, if you want to increase the ad conversion rate you don’t need to just dive into testing of images but rather optimize the entire path first.

After you have thought thoroughly about the sequence of the content, you can now get into detail to creating content for mobile devices to be specific.

Since Facebook canvas is a storytelling tool, you should show how this interaction comes about.

You can now use PowerPoint to create your own working model for how users should convert.

You need to engage your mind in a lot of thinking as you would do in creating an application. You need to think through the interactions.

Businesses now have the opportunity to build their stories and as a result get more customers.

Open from Facebook ads, it allows advertisers to use an item such as a call to action button and image to build an outstanding brand for their product experience on mobile.

People are able to enjoy moving through digital stories as they can swipe through images and even be able to tilt their mobile to view panoramic images.

They can also zoom into images and have a good view of whatever interests them. The canvas experience is, therefore, very engaging in a unique way compared to other mobile sites.

In addition to that, canvas also uses a great technology which enables images and videos to load very quickly on Facebook.

It works very well as it is supported both in Android and iOS. Advertisers are thus able to access power editor and create canvases.

Canvas has opened up a new world of mobile storytelling. As a result, there should be an extra concern placed on how the mobile experience will be, starting from ad creative to canvas interactions and further to your site landing page.

The mobile visitor now has an incredible opportunity to finally engage visitors better and improved than it has never been before.

It should work correctly, for example by providing the users with a cohesive journey that will effectively match their expectations.



With the increasingly changing and improvement of technology, canvas has served the best purpose for advertisers. Its high speed enables users to check advertisements very first before the urge dies out.

The way it appears is also very captivating as images are able to be zoomed into and the videos also are fast to load and view.

In addition, creating a canvas can be an easy way only when you follow the right steps and you follow them strategically.

The results are tremendous so you should follow each and every step well. The gains are just so many for example;

Burberry Facebook canvas was used in building an interactive holiday gift lookbook. Lander is the market leader in social media marketing.