Facebook Canvas Ads

The ABC of Facebook Canvas Ads in Online Marketing

With the current rise of digital marketing, Facebook has become one of the best platforms for online marketing. This owes to its large number of users. But there is more to just posting your advert on Facebook.  Do not forget your main aim here is bringing your product to life by showcasing it in a fast loading and interactive experience. This can be done by Facebook canvas ads.

What you should know About the Facebook Canvas Ads

• It is the latest advertisement alternative created specifically for mobile users. This means you cannot view the ads if you are using other devices like laptops or desktops.

• It has higher immersion and interaction rates compared to the basic text adverts. This makes it able to perform the functions of a mini-landing page.

• To be more effective, start with a specific goal in mind and develop your canvas Ad towards obtaining the goal.

• Canvas ads give you as the business owner the opportunity to showcase and shine your skills and talent.

Quick steps to create Facebook canvas ads

Find Canvas Option


After logging into Facebook, click publishing tools from the options provided on your page. From here, click the button that directs you to get started with the canvas.

Press ‘’create button’’

Facebook Canvas Ads

This button is located in the top right corner of the Facebook page. Click it and depending on your needs, you can create your canvas from scratch or opt for the one in Facebook templates.

Add Essential Canvas Elements


This is necessary when you don’t want to use the canvas provided in the Facebook template.

Here, you can add components such as calls to action, images, header, and videos. This depends on the product you intend to advertise.

Find an Appropriate Title For The Canvas


Label your canvas especially when you have many of them to avoid confusion and keep proper records.

Set Your Theme


Choose your theme color appropriately. Know your brand color and concentrate on that for easy identification.

Customize the Canvas


Customize the calls to action, mages, videos, and headers so that they fit your specifications.

Review the update of how the customized components will appear on a mobile device as you progress and make changes where appropriate.

Test Components


Test the various components until you establish which component combination works best for your business.

5 Features of a Good Facebook Canvas Ad

Knowing how to create a facebook canvas Ad is important but it is even more important to know the elements that make your facebook canvas Ad stand out from the crowd. These features include:



Use image size ranging from 400px wide and 1500px height to 1080px wide to 1920px height.

You can, however, use a width of 5400px if you opt for tilt to pan images. If you must include text, don’t use more than 20% words in the image.

Make your first image as impressive as possible to retain the readers and keep them interested.



Use a minimum of 720p to make your canvas look appealing and able to fit on a mobile screen. The video should be related to your product.

Add a short and clear text to describe the video.



Use short, precise and clear texts. We recommend a maximum of 500 words in the text. Don’t clutter your audience’s phone with unnecessary words.  Make it short, snappy and informative.

Calls to Action

Facebook Canvas Ads

Remember your major aim is to persuade the audience to undertake certain actions. Communicate the action early enough before the readers get bored and abandon the page. We advise that you use an easily visible call to action button.

Using actionable and strong CTA is at each stage is also important in guiding your readers and making things easier for them.

Some readers may not know what action to take next so assumptions should be completely out of your canvas.

Keep it Simple


Complicated is discouraging. Make your canvas page as simple as possible. Use simple words and easy to understand videos and images to grab the attention of your audience.

Reasons why you need Facebook canvas ads

To Make Adverts More User-Friendly


Many people are currently using mobile phones for various activities, one of them is the searching for products on Facebook. But there is a limit to the information that a normal mobile phone can contain.

With so much information about a product specification that the advertisers want to share, the canvas Ad is the best alternative that plays this role.

To Save Time


Time is money. No one wants to spend an entire day trying to click and read an advert.

Facebook canvas ads are created in such a way to make documents download faster, thus saving the readers’ time and resources.

Canvas images and videos are known to download 10 times faster than the normal mobile web.

To Comprehensively Tell Readers about Your Product


The images, videos, and texts can do a wonderful job of creating more awareness about the product.

The images and videos not only create a vivid picture of the product in the readers’ minds, but they also enhance memorability about the product.

To Increase Traffic To Your Page and Achieve Maximum Conversion


The main aim of creating a canvas ad is to generate more traffic to your page and to grow your business.

By making the ad viewable by many people and making the calls to actions enticing, a large audience will subscribe to your page and react to the required actions.

In the long run, this will give you maximum returns on investment and see your business thrive. This is especially true if you incorporate the canvas into an appropriate landing page

Ways You Can Use Facebook Canvas Ads with a Landing Page


Many people are currently scared that Facebook is keeping people away from their actual business. This is because Facebook is yet to develop means that enable transactions through the app.

To fill this gap, business users can incorporate the services of a landing page as discussed below:

• Create an eye-catching, captivating, and enticing ad using canvas. Make it appear different from what the readers are used to on Facebook or normal web adverts.

• Next step is giving a clear call to action. Customize the call to action and once they click it, direct them to a customized and appropriate landing page to convert them into leads.

• Remember that the average attention rate is not so high, so include only what is very necessary.

• Test the entire process to know what elements work best for you. Make adjustments whenever necessary.

Important Tips to Remember About Facebook Canvas Ads


1. There are different image size requirements for each product. Understand your product well and view its required size in the Business Ads Guide from the Facebook page.

2. Ensure that the images, videos, and texts you incorporate into your canvas ads are all related to the products that you are advertising. Be relevant.

3. Be sure to be in a position to deliver what you are advertising.



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