Facebook Call to Action

How to Get the Most out of Your Facebook Call to Action Button

Ever heard of facebook Call to Action button option for businesses Facebook pages?Well,  one of the most important social assets that a business can have is a Facebook page.

Facebook as a company has realized its value and has thus made efforts to improve the experience between brands and their fans.

They do this by bridging the gap that is there between the brand’s fan page and their digital assets.

What is the Facebook Call to Action?


This is a button that has been specifically designed to bring the most important objective a business has to the forefront of its Facebook presence.

This button will link users to any destination whether on or off Facebook that will align with the goals that the business has.

The only Calls to Action available on Facebook right now are: contact us, use app, book now, shop now, play game, watch video and sign up.

Is This Facebook Call to Action Good or Bad?


In the past, there was a total disconnect between the different brand digital assets and most of the social apps that were in use were not accessible through a mobile phone.

The Facebook Call to Action button has helped businesses to be able to redirect the audiences to other sites and pages once they log into your Facebook page.

This can be done on both phones and desktop where users are taken to the business’s digital assets without having to use hyperlinks in every post you have and having to create social tabs/apps.

The Facebook Call to Action button is a great addition especially for advertisers and marketers.

How Does a Facebook Call to Action Benefit a Business?


Facebook Call to Action

As a brand, you can start using the Calls to Action we mentioned above to fulfill the objective that you had set for your business.

Ensure that you properly utilize each CTA button as each plays a very important role in ensuring that the user journey is not hampered and it is also connected with the communication of the social page.

The following is an outline of how each of the Calls to Action can be used and which pages could really benefit from them.

• Book now can be used by institution that offer accommodation or any other service that requires one to book for an appointment search as restaurants, hotels, resorts, clinics etc.

• Use App is used by those Facebook marketing pages that are promoting a mobile app and would like to drive the users to download the said app.

• Contact us is used by most business to share their contact info with their users. The best way to properly utilize this CTA button would be to link it with a hyper URL that will take users directly to the contact page on your website.

• Shop now is a CTA button that can be utilized by marketers on Facebook to drive users to their ecommerce websites and thus increase the chances of users making a purchase.

• Play Game is a CTA button that has greatly revolutionized the gaming business as it allows the users a chance to get a taste of what the game is all about before they download it using game demos or even allowing them to play the game online.

• Watch video is a CTA button that helps to direct the users’ attention to the corporate video of your brand/business.

You should opt to upload your video directly to Facebook rather than posting it on YouTube if you would like this button to be more effective.

• Sign Up is a button that you can use as a marketer to build your email list from your Facebook fan page.

How to Effectively Implement The CTA Button?



If you want to add one of the CTA buttons to your Facebook page then you need to follow the steps below.


Facebook Call to Action

1. Go to your Facebook page and then click the “create Call-to-Action” button.

You have to select the CTA button that you find appropriate for your Facebook business page and enter the URL that you would like the users to visit.

You should make sure that you fill out the mobile website field if you would like users to visit the link you wrote on your CTA button using their mobile phones.

If you want to send the users to a website you have to select “website” button and if you want to send them to an app you should select the “app” button. This has to be done for each type of OS.

2. Click “create” this will finish the whole process of creating your Facebook CTA button. If you want your CTA button to increase traffic to your website then you need to entice people to click on it with the use of a picture or arrows so as to draw attention to the CTA button.

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Why is a Facebook Call to Action Important to Facebook Posts?


There are many reasons why you should make use of a Facebook CTA but the main one being encouraging your users to do business with your brand/business.

You can only do this by telling them what you would like them to do once they land on your Facebook page. This will go a long way in increasing your EdgeRank.

EdgeRank is what Facebook uses to decide how often they should show your posts on your fans’ news feeds.

The higher the EdgeRank your page receives the more posts it gets which will ultimately lead to an increase in revenue.

You do not have to come up with compelling and thoughtful posts so as to get your users to interact with your post all you have to do is just to tell them to do it.

When it comes to getting your user to interact with on Facebook you will get better results if you ask them to like something rather than to ask them to comment.

Most people prefer to do the easiest work and that is just clicking the like button rather than coming up with words to write in the comment space and actually doing the writing.

You should never ask your users question but instead just tell them what you would like them to do as this will yield you better results.

When you use a statement such as “click like if…” will actually get you very good results and they can be fitted in any situation.

When you decide to use a Call to Action button you have to consider your business/brand needs and then see which one will work best for you before you actually create a CTA button for your page.

If you have not yet started using a Facebook call to action button on your Facebook business page then it’s about time that you started.

This feature will help to turn your business around and increase traffic to your website and consequently increase your sales and revenue.

According to me the creation of Facebook call to action button has greatly improved the experience of brand/business and consumer interaction tremendously.

It has taken some time to get here but it was worth the wait and I hope more improvement.

Now you know how to optimize your Facebook page for CTA. Thank you for reading this article.