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Key Tricks to Overcome the 20% Rule Using the Facebook Ad Checker

Facebook Ad Checker: There has been a great rise in digital promotion in the past recent years. Facebook is one of the best arenas for the online marketing.

This is because of its large customer base.  The main objective of posting your ad on Facebook is bringing your product to life by showcasing it in a fast loading and interactive experience.

Most of these adverts are sponsored. If you do not do it right, for example, using the wrong image or generally failing to abide by the Facebook ad checker guidelines, your advert will not be accepted. This is discouraging and no one wants to walk this ugly path.

The 20% Facebook Text Rule

Facebook Ad Checker

The 20% is one of the most important Facebook rules that advertisers must abide by. It requires that when you include an image in your product promotion, the image should not contain more than 20% text.

Use image size ranging from 400px wide and 1500px height to 1080px wide to 1920px height. You can however use a width of 5400px if you opt for tilt to pan images.

Make that sure that the image is as impressive as possible to retain the readers and keep them interested.

Use short, precise and clear texts. We recommend a maximum of 500 words in the text. Don’t clutter your audience’s phone with unnecessary words.  Make it short, snappy and informative.

To check if your image meets the rule, subdivide the image into grids and count the grid numbers highlighted by text.

The highlighted grids should not be more than 6 or 20%, otherwise, the advert will be rejected by Facebook.

Depending on the results you get from the image checker tool, you can edit your advert until you meet the required specification before finally submitting the ad.

Importance of Text On Facebook Ad Images:


  1. The brain of human beings is able to digest images faster than they would digest texts
  2. Images grab attention and may keep readers hooked on the page.

Important tips to help you meet the 20% text rule

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Facebook Ad Checker Tip: Clear and Informative Images


Use image size ranging from 400px wide and 1500px height to 1080px wide to 1920px height.

You can, however, use a width of 5400px if you opt for tilt to pan images. If you must include text, don’t use more than 20% words in the image.

Make your images impressive, informative, interesting and related to your products. If you present an image of someone swimming in a case where you are advertising latest car model, be sure it will be rejected as fast as possible.

Facebook Ad Checker Tip: Short Clear and Precise Video


Use a minimum of 720p to make your canvas look appealing and able to fit on a mobile screen. The video should be related to your product.

Add a short and clear text to describe the video. Also, make the video clear. No one wants to strain their eyes watching unclear and boring videos.

Facebook Ad Checker Tip: Short Descriptive Text


Use short, precise and clear texts. Facebook ads guideline recommends a maximum of 500 words in the text.

Don’t clutter your audience’s phone with unnecessary words.  Make it short, snappy and informative. Avoid unnecessary words that add no value to your advert.

Facebook Ad Checker Tip: Clear Calls to Action

Facebook Ad Checker

Remember your major aim is to persuade the audience to undertake certain actions. Communicate the action early enough before the readers get bored and abandon the page. We advise that you use an easily visible call to action button.

Using actionable and strong CTA is at each stage is also important in guiding your readers and making things easier for them.

Some readers may not know what action to take next so assumptions should be completely out of your canvas.

Failure to have the correct CTAs will see your advert rejected. Test the calls to action and pass them through the Facebook grid and make adjustments to meet specifications.

Facebook Ad Checker Tip: Keep It Simple


Complicated is discouraging. Make your canvas page as simple as possible. Use simple words and easy to understand videos and images to grab the attention of your audience.

Facebook Ad Checker Tip: Time-Saving Ads


No one wants to spend an entire day trying to click and read an advert.  Canvas ads should be created in such a way to make documents download faster, thus saving the readers’ time and resources.

Canvas images and videos are known to download 10 times faster than the normal mobile web. The grid tool will scan through your ad to verify if your ads are easily clickable and download faster.

Facebook Ad Checker Tip: Be Unique


Think of unique selling approaches. Using enticing words like ‘’Free’’, “unique’’ to reach to your audience and they will surely spread the gospel about your product to their social circle of friends.

Exceptions to the 20% Text Rule

Facebook Ad Checker

The following are exempted from the 20% text rule:

1. Screenshots of an App.

2. Legal quote or text

3. Full screen product images

4. Movie, games and festival posters

5. Cartoon and other comic strips

6. Infographics

7. Covers of books or Albums

8. Calligraphy business text

What is considered as Text on an Image?


1. Numerical

2. Text-based logos

3. Watermarks, whether their usage is mandatory or not.

Important Tips to Remember


1. Your ads should not contain sensitive sexual or political issues.

2. You should not use the ads with the aim of scaring or shocking your readers.

3. If your advert contains images, the images should not expose private body parts.

4. Do not include inactive video in your advert.

5. If you must use the Facebook logo or QR codes, then seek permission first.

6. Your ads should be age sensitive, especially if your target readers are minors.

7. The images you use in your advert must obey the 20% Facebook rule.

8. It is illegal to advertise illegal substances like drugs, pornographic materials, tobacco, human trafficking and any other illegal products and services.

9. Facebook makes it possible to target a specific group of people based on their interests and localities. This makes it more profitable and easy to reach your target audience. Your customers can also evangelize about your products to their chain of Facebook friends.

10. Remember pictures are the most essential element of your Facebook ad. You can have an excellent title, good CTAs, but these must be incorporated with a good picture.

Images are known to capture attention and create a vivid description as well as enhancing memorability about the product. Make sure the picture you use meet Facebook specification.

11. Properly make use of analytical programs such as Google Analytics. This is important because Facebook doesn’t offer conversion records.

You cannot, therefore, be able to access the data of those who have abandoned your Facebook page or website. Use tracking tags or Google’s URL builder.



It is so discouraging when you create a Facebook ad only to realize that the ad is rejected for failing to meet the Facebook ad checker guidelines.

To be safe, run your ad through the Facebook grid tool and make the necessary adjustments.

You can create the ad yourself, but for the best result, we recommend Lander. Their experienced staff will help you with your Facebook marketing needs and in line with Facebook ad checker maxims.