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Essential Ebooks for Successful Marketers Part 2

Last Tuesday we started this recompilation of these 14 essential Ebooks that you should have to improve your online marketing campaign.

If you missed the first part with the first 7 ebooks, you can get them here!

With this second part again you'll find ebooks from Social Media, SEO, Email Marketing, Trends, Conversion Optimization, Content Marketing, A/B Testing to User Experience and more!

Let's see the rest of these important and useful ebooks!

8. What to Test With Your Digital Ads Checklist

Testing is an extremely important element of creating a successful advertising strategy and campaign. By using various testing methodologies you can determine what is working and what isn’t, making it easier to optimize your ads for greater ROI.

The two most common types of tests for digital advertising are A/B Testing and multivariate; you can run either (or both) on your digital advertising campaigns. There are a ton of fantastic A/B and multivariate tests you can do for your digital ads.

Download this checklist from guys at Marketo and learn how to determine what you should be testing for each digital ad type and for your ad landing pages.

Download the ebook here!

9. The Complete Guide to Building Your Content Marketing Workflow

Having trouble implementing your content strategy? You're not alone. If you want to produce a steady stream of content, you need a workflow that works.

In this guide, you'll learn how to:

  • Streamline approvals and tasks
  • Strategically repurpose existing content
  • Identify and assign roles and channels

What you'll get:

  • Step-by-step workflow templates for the most common content types
  • Overview of key content marketing tools
  • Project management hacks to increase efficiency
  • Ready to manage your campaigns without pulling your hair out?

Get Kapost ebook here!

10. 5 Minutes UX Quick Fixes

Think about it, when was the last time you recommended that restaurant where you food was cold, the waiter was rude, and it was totally overpriced?

In this FREE eBook, you'll learn how to:

  • Create better experiences for your users (leading them to share more)
  • Cut down friction points on things like forms and login screens
  • Be more visible so your users can find you easier
  • Also, they talk about hamburgers… for what it's worth

Take 5 minutes and get this ebook here!

11. Top 10 Conversion Rate Blunders

Find out in this Ebook from Bounce Exchange, the top 10 conversion rate mistakes that you’re doing with your website and how to correct them.

Stop trying to improve your opt-in conversion with your “gut instincts” and instead, download this free ebook!

12. 16 on 2016: Inbound Marketing Predictions from 16 Industry Experts

In this free eBook, Impactbnd shares 16 exclusive predictions for 2016 from the Sales and Marketing industries' biggest names.

You'll learn about:

  • The New Sales Playbook with Brian Halligan & Mark Roberge
  • Telling Bigger, Braver, and Bolder Stories with Ann Handley
  • The New Definition of "Remarkable" Content with Arjun Moorthy
  • Sales Enablement with IMPACT's Bob Ruffolo
  • Real-Time Connections with David Meerman Scott
  • and so much more!

Get it here!

13. The 2016 Enterprise Buyer's Guide to SEO

The world of digital marketing seems to turn on a dime, and today’s executives must be adaptable to succeed. The realm of organic search is no exception – its breadth of influence in marketing has grown dramatically in the past year alone.

True SEO solutions are more complicated than they used to be. Finding the right SEO partner is now more critical than ever before.

In this guide you will learn:

  • 2016 organic search trends
  • The foundation of a sustainable SEO strategy
  • The strategic framework for sustainable SEO
  • Common traits of winning SEO providers
  • Must-ask questions to include in an RFI/RFP

This guide was written to help enterprise marketing executives understand what it takes to implement a sustainable SEO strategy amidst an ever-changing search landscape – and how to pick the right partner to lead them to success.

Download the free ebook here!

14. Understanding Social Media ROI

Knowing the impact of your social marketing activities is critical for any company that wishes to be strategically smart on social.

This 22-page handbook provides you with the knowledge, tactics and tools to help you better understand the value of your social marketing ROI. You'll learn how to:

  • - Align metrics with goals
  • - Differentiate between "hard" and "soft" ROI
  • - Measure brand versus revenue-linked goals

Get the free ebook here!