What Entrepreneurs Need To Know About SEO

What Entrepreneurs Need To Know About SEO

It does not take any expertise to say that digital marketing is going through several simultaneous changes. Just because rapid changes are commonplace web based marketing is more challenging than ever before. For entrepreneurs with a web presence, the biggest challenge is marketing. If you are an entrepreneur and you do not get expected results in spite of putting your best effort, there must be something missing or it must be fine-tuned to a certain extent. In any case, we introduce a few of the SEO elements that entrepreneurs must know.

SEO is a long-term strategy

  1. SEO needs continuous focus and engagement for a long time and so if you think few days of rigorous efforts can drive you high above the search engine ranks you are terribly wrong. Though just after the site goes live search engine crawler will find any new content updated by you.
  2. But that does not result in search ranks simply because the search engine is designed in a manner so that any site that stays active and constantly updated over time will gain more weight. It takes months after the site gets alive to recognize the changes made by a website.
  3. So, if you have expected it to offer quick results, just leave that notion altogether. You cannot see the results coming most probably until the second year and till then you need to continue pouring your efforts.

SEO is far from a quick to grab technique to make web traffic for your website. Rather it represents a methodical approach with the objective of improving the organic ranking of your website. And just like other scientific fields of study, it involves a series of plans, tests, experiments, learning and discoveries.

As it is a long drawn process rather than a quick trick, you need to make a detailed plan and accordingly set a budget for it.

Entrepreneurs: Know the audience

As entrepreneurs, your journey begins by venturing to know your audience. As a webmaster, you need to know who are going to be interested in your web offerings and who are searching for the niche keywords you are targeting. You might have an idea of your audience and what they want but still, there might be several missing things as well.

Welcome social engagement optimization

  1. Search engines these days are portraying social media contents in their results and for the express purpose of doing so Google, the leading search engine, has introduced robust deep scorching changes into its search algorithm geared to collect and rank more user optimised contents from social pages.  Just think of the huge volumes of social media contents uploaded on social pages every day.

Social engagement optimisation which involves generating website traffic through social media, relevant post engagement on social platforms and drawing interest to the website through social queries. Let us see here two important social media optimisation elements for SEO results.

Social queries: It refers to the questions asked by social media people regarding your website  or just click on the link to the website.

  • Traffic generation: If your social page can generate interest to guide users to your website pages, the social media worked like a referrer to generate traffic.
  • Search queries: People also can search on your brand name in the search bar of social sites.
  • Correlation: It refers to links shared on social pages. Unlike causation that refers to site links to send traffic, correlation refers to sharing link on the related social page. For instance, Google will give priority to links shared on Google Plus.


Prioritize mobile traffic optimization

The value of the mobile strategy is irreducible. But when it comes to SEO mobile strategy has a totally different strategic importance to it. Besides addressing the majority of browsers who access the web through mobile, Google’s official announcement that mobile friendliness is a crucial search rank determinant factor finally gave mobile presence its utmost importance. Yes, without mobile optimised websites you not only lose engagement of your visitors but you also lose search ranks.

A mobile optimized website must have the following things.

Faster page loading: mobile users demand more pace than their desktop counterparts. So, ensuring optimum loading speed will be important for mobile users. Google makes it a crucial requirement for search ranks.

Popups: Popups are considered as biggest culprits by Google simply because they hinder the easy accessibility of contents.

Mobile friendly content: All the contents on your web pages must be friendly enough for mobile display and readability.

Keeping watch on competitor content

For increased and relevant traffic you need to constantly stay on your toes to the content trends and what have published in your competitor's websites. It will help you what is already published and what you can offer as more relevant and better.

Remember, competitors or other entrepreneurs do not have to be smaller or major or of your locality but they need to belong to your niche and must be a well-known site with a great repository of contents.

Focus on Semantic Search 

  1. Semantic search refers to the search ranks based on the meaning of keywords rather than the exact keywords typed by the users. It came with Hummingbird update from Google’s search engine algorithm back in 2013. Web sites focusing on semantic search will gain more traffic than with exact keywords. How can you optimize your website for search ranks with semantic search? Listen up entrepreneurs, here are some tips.

Use long tail keywords to become more relevant to semantic searches.

Use latest semantic index to target all related keywords to a search.

A SWOT analysis for your SEO efforts

SWOT which is an evaluation technique stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Doing a SWOT analysis for your SEO efforts can be highly effective to evaluate your position. With this, you can easily determine where you need to focus most and what should be your budget requirement. Just by doing this analysis for your SEO efforts you can easily help turning your drawbacks into opportunities.

It takes effort to compete in SEO, but you entrepreneurs out there can do it, just follow the steps.