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Creating Killer Affiliate Marketing Email Templates

If you are an affiliate marketer looking to promote a product through email templates, this is the article for you. Cold email templates work best for helpdesk, live chat, and software.

Format for cold email templates requesting contact information

Subject. It should contain the name of your company and the name of the product you are promoting.

Body. This should be brief and to the point. State exactly what you are looking for. Ask to be forwarded to the person responsible for the business development

Conclusion. Always remember to thank the person you have emailed and sign your name and job title.

Why you should look for a business development person.


When you decide to forward the email directly to the marketing manager of a company when you are maybe selling SEO tools, the likelihood of you getting a reply is very slim.

But when you send the email to the secretary and ask to be forwarded to the person dealing with business development, he or she will forward the email to the right person you are targeting.

Why not use an introduction?


The less information you share the better since you are not talking to the executive of the company yet.

You can share your link in the signature if the person would like to get a little more information on you and your company. The format for your email should look like: your name, the company you work for + your link.

Format for a cold email template for advertising your product


Email Templates


Subject: RE: Corporation (the name of our company) + the name of the product you are advertising.

Template: great the recipient and give your first name. The next thing is to say who sent you the email contact for the recipient.

Tell the recipient how you found out they were in need of the software you are selling and what the lead loss they are suffering from not having your product.

Suggest a date for when you would like to meet with the recipient to discuss more on your product and share a quick link for the recipient to get more info on your product if they so desire.

The first impression is always important and in the event that you don’t get a reply right away, you can always send a follow-up email. Don’t worry we will guide you through it.

Follow up emails


You need to be persistent if you are going to use the art of cold emails. Ensure that you keep your prospects in the email funnel for as long as you possibly can.

You should keep sending follow up emails to your prospects until they either accept to get your product (which is what you are hoping for) or he/she opts to unsubscribe from your emails.

The following is a suitable timeline for your follow up emails.

• The 1st follow-up; do it 2 days after sending the introduction email.

• The 2nd follow-up; this should come 3 days after the 1st follow up.

• The 3rd follow-up; it should come 10 days after the 2nd follow up email.

• 4th follow-up; this should come 14 days after the 3rd email.

• In case the above follow-ups yield no results, you can send occasional follow-ups after 3,6,12 months to check whether the prospect has changed his or her mind.

Tips for creating killer email templates


Email Templates


These tips will help you as an affiliate to create an email marketing template that is more likely to yield positive results.

Affiliates need to use email marketing as they are more likely to be penalized by Google and also the do not have buyer information thus don’t manage to build a buyers database or list

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The following tips will guide you through the process of email marketing templates:

Don’t oversell your subscribers


You should ensure that all our emails to your prospect are not all about the sale. You can choose to have an 80/20 split on your emails where you sent 4 emails on content about your product and then one email can be about your sales pitch.

This gives your subscribers the confidence that you will not spam them, builds trust and also trains them to open emails from you.



If you want to get more sales, few unsubscribes, and higher click-through rates, then you have to start segmenting your list.

This refers to splitting your subscribers’ list based on their behavior and preferences. You can send your subscribers to specific emails once they click a particular link in your email. Here is how to do it:

• From the dashboard click on messages then click create autoresponder

• On types of autoresponders choose “clicked”

• Choose the rules for your autoresponder, choose the campaign with the email message you want to trigger autoresponders.

• Choose which email message will trigger the special message the subscribers will get when they click.
Specify when the triggered email will be sent at the bottom of the page and which email is to be sent.

Offer a lead magnet


Email Templates


This is also sometimes called a free report or ethical bribe. This can be offered as a gift to people when they sign up for your email list.

Offer more than one lead magnet


The probability that you write blogs about more than one subtopic is very high even if you are in a really tight niche. You can offer one lead magnet for each of your topics as a way of increasing your opt-in rates.

Use a pop-up


The work of an affiliate is to attract people to their site and then redirect them to a different site so as to make a sale.

You need to ensure that you capture their email information when they are on your site because if you don’t you may never get the chance again.

You can achieve this by using a pop-up. You are allowed to be a little charming with your pop-up as an affiliate and it’s recommended that you put the pop-up immediately after the person logs into your site.

Add an opt-in form to the footer of your site


It’s good to place an opt-in form at the top of your website page and also at the bottom of your site page so as to increase the optimization rate/ number of signups.

Add an opt-in form on your about us page


When you insert an opt-in form between the paragraphs at the top of your about us page, you increase the chances of getting more signups. This technique has been known to yield very high positive results.

Test your emails


Email Templates


It’s important to test different aspects and features of your marketing email so as to know which one works best with your subscribers.

Add a feature box to the home page of your site


This is a full-width opt-in form that is set above the fold on your home page and will give you about half the number of the opt-ins you will get on your site.

These are great proven pointers for creating effective emails for the promotion of a service or goods, especially for cold selling.

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