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Hot Tips for Creating Successful Email Lead Generation Campaigns

E-mail marketing has proved the old proverb: “Old Is Gold” time and now. Even marketing experts have always said that e-mail marketing being the oldest form of marketing is still one of the most effective one.

Research from Experian states that $1 spent on e-mail marketing gives a return of almost $44. This is a good return on the investment.

E-mail marketing is one of the simplest form of marketing which is till date followed by the marketers. No doubt, the way of marketing through e-mails has changed but still they are effective as compared to other ways.

E-mail marketing has also helped organizations to generate leads. Here we will discuss some major points to be kept in mind while composing the e-mail for the target audience.

So, let us take a look at the tactics which need to be kept in mind during the composition of the mail:

Email Lead Generation Tip #1: Subject Line


Subject line is one of the main things to be focused. It is the first impression that readers have and if impressed will be opening the e-mails.

These lines have to be creative & catchy enough to encourage the receiver to open the e-mail. The subject line should not spammy as readers will not open them. So, try to be personal and innovative with the subject line.

Email Lead Generation #2: Design


The design of the e-mail should be pleasant enough so that readers read it. The white space should be used wisely. E-mail should not look clumsy by adding too many elements.

In short, it should be pleasant to the eyes. Also, high quality images can be added to make it look better.

Studies have proved that images are processed faster as compared to the text. So, adding images reinforcing the copy are a good way to clearly express what you want from your readers to do next.

Email Lead Generation #3: Engaging Content


The content in the e-mail should be precise and goal oriented. The content should not be too long or too short. It should clearly describe what the main motive is.


Email Lead Generation


The content should be engaging enough to make the receiver read the whole e-mail.

Email Lead Generation #4: Sending Frequency


The frequency to send the e-mails should not be aggressive at all. Sending continuous e-mails irritate the receivers and it ultimately results into the increase in the bounce rate.

So, it is very important to send the e-mails timely to be in the eyes of the target audience but it should not be irritating.

Email Lead Generation #5: Call To Action (CTA)


Email Lead Generation


Call to action is the main part of every email. CTA lets the reader know what you are expecting them to do after next.

It should be written in an interesting and encouraging way so that the readers take the desired action. CTA should be well-written keeping the goal in mind i.e.

whether you want reader to subscribe, sign-up or something else. It is the most effective way to convert traffic into leads.

Email Lead Generation #6: Social Media Integration


As the main of every marketing strategy is to reach the maximum audience. And, to achieve this, the social media channel does not matter.

So, while sending e-mails, it is a good option to add the social media links of facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google+. This is an easy way of promotion.



E-mail marketing has many benefits if a person’s inbox is utilized to its maximum. All you need to do is to act smartly and be consistent in sending the e-mails.

One thing that needs to be paid attention to is that the emails should not go to spam box. This affects the bounce rate which is not at all good for the company reputation.