Email Capture Page

10 Brilliant Tips for a Great Email Capture Page

The most valuable asset you can have is your email list. The technique that you use to build your email list and request to emails will often affect the user’s experience.

The effects can either be positive or negative. Sometimes the users might not like our email request method and they decide to leave your page completely.

The pop-up method is most unpopular if introduced at the top of your page as it prevents users from reading the content of your page just as they are starting to read.

They are viewed as an obstacle by the user and they may be motivated to abandon your page completely.

How to ask politely for emails


Email Capture Page


Here are some methods you can use to ask your users for their emails without appearing like a nuisance to them.

Email Capture Page: Present your pop-up at the end of your content


Most visitors usually make their decision to subscribe or not at the end of reading the content on the landing page.

When you set up you pop-up to be triggered at the end of your landing page, you increase the probability of conversion by the visitors to your site.

This pop-up also works like a CTA to give users directions and won’t act as a barrier. You can use the Landerapp which is a leading SEO software app to create your pop-up.

Email Capture Page: Introduce a pop-up when a user signals exit-intent


Email Capture Page


The exit-intent is a new technology in the market that determines when a user wants to leave a site. You can integrate this technology into your page so that a pop-up is triggered each time a user wants to exit your page.

The exit-intent pop-ups usually get very positive results when used in email subscriptions.

Email Capture Page: Slide in a request after a page scroll


This is a very gentle way to slide in an email request on your page. The subscribe box can slide at the bottom corner of the page once the user has scrolled through a percentage of the page.

Email Capture Page: Display a sticky top bar


You can display a simple yet noticeable bar that always stays at the top of the page as the visitor scrolls down the page.

The message is usually a call to action but can also be used a subscription invitation that increases chances of conversion.

Email Capture Page: Offer a content upgrade


This is where you offer the user a link magnet that gives upgraded value to the users that subscribe to your page as a reward.

Email Capture Page: Stage a welcoming home gate


The home page of your website is the most visited page. You can attract the interest of the visitors from the start by offering them a bribe to subscribe directly on the home page.

Email Capture Page:  Add a Sidebar


This will provide navigational value to your users and it’s also a good place to include your subscription form. You can place an attractive subscribe box at the top of your sidebar to increase conversions on your page.

Email Capture Page: Launch a Dedicated Landing Page


You can create a landing page that is specifically dedicated to optimize email subscriptions. This can help to increase your optimization rate by up to 50%.

Email Capture Page: Position A Subscription Box At The End Of Your Content


The only difference between this and the first method is that the subscription remains as a normal subscription box underneath your page’s content.

Email Capture Page: Submit a survey


Landerapp has a feature to generate email leads through a survey. You can use surveys to gather insights from users that can be used as a list-building weapon.


These 10 tips are proven tips which will enable any business create a great and engaging email capture campaign for capturing email contacts for leads which will present your business with a reliable contacts reservoir for targeted marketing and sales campaigns.