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The Effectiveness of Interactive Content is the Future

‘Content is king’ knowing the importance of this common phrase many webmasters and marketers give priority to their content strategy more than anything.

I personally know bloggers who published more than hundred valuable blog posts before even the site looking completely professional. Well, this is just not a trend. This focus on content is the necessity most websites are aware of.

But while the reign of contents will continue it is very likely that some would try to stand out with a unique approach. This new and relatively unique approach to contents are what referred as interactive content.

Content is still king but the interactive content is the king of kings.

Tell me one thing, how many times you actually read a full blog post while browsing on your handheld device? Very seldom, right? Yes, that is the fate of most contents on the web. They are less read and mostly scanned with quick glances.

So, your contents need to tell your audience quickly what they need, the information they search for and the insights they want to grab. Otherwise, they would pass on to visit another site.

1. Grab Attention and Convince Customers

Interactive content quickly grabs the attention of web audiences. As per a recent study by Demand Metric interactive content is showed more potential in quickly informing as well as educating buyers.

It happens because it is often known for stripped of contents carrying only most relevant and actionable data and insights.

An interactive piece of content followed by a calls-to-action button just makes the perfect combination to influence users for desirable actions.

2. Boost Sales and Bottom Line Growth

Naturally, if you can attract audience quickly and generate interest in them your sales are likely to get a boost.

The ratio between marketing cost per user and the sales figure generated through your web users will continue to reduce with increasing sales and traffic.

3. Ensure More Customer Engagement and Reach

When most websites are ready to employ all sorts of techniques and marketing avenues, through the just consistent flow of interactive content on their web page they can make more people engaged instantly.

But to garner regular engagement and user reach you need to post contents as frequently as possible.

Most users detest outdated content and by seeing the contents are not updated for quite some time they build a negative impression about the business.

They feel it like a store with old stocks and so they prefer to leave. Regularly updated contents hold the biggest key in allowing interaction and engagement.

4. Enhance Brand Reach and Reputation

When it comes to competition there is no place for casually. You need to be consistent, regular, sincere and passionate about each and everything you publish and share on the web.

Only with a sincere and meticulous approach you can get maximum exposure for your business brand and build long-term credibility.

Through interactive content, you can quickly draw attention and make your brand look credible. Actually user-reach and brand awareness goes hand in hand. More users visit your website, further, you can create brand awareness.

5. Boost Look and Feel

Interactive content apart from the effectiveness for driving traffic, pushing growth and building credibility also contributes to the look and feel of a website.

A colorful infographic or a gallery of images or a slideshow gives a plush look and feel to your website. Interactive content are often visually appealing and are great for delivering cool aesthetics to the website design.

6. Helps to Build Consistent Traffic

Lastly, interactive content helps to boost the user experience (UX) of your website since users can quickly see and do what they need.

Interactive content because of their useful and attention-grabbing nature build loads of traffic and page views in quick time.

Moreover, as your site is known to deliver valuable information without beating around the bush, it continues to be popular and gets more user views over time.

What Types of Content Are Interactive?

We have understood the importance and effectiveness of interactive content for websites. The question is what can be the most effective types of interactive content.

Well, let us introduce here a few types of interactive content.


Quizzes enjoy great popularity and have almost a magnetic effect on the audience. Besides the fun, this type of contents is useful to build knowledge add value. Often interesting quizzes attract attention on a regular basis


Assessments and case studies have a practical side that users like instantly. Instead of dry information they orient the subject with real life cases and data. From personality tests to comparative studies to typical case studies, all fall in this group.

Polls and surveys

People give more value to credible information than any approximated hearsay and that is why polls and surveys conducted in different manners are more believed and the produced information grab instant attention.


Calculators offer exact monetary information within your content and boost credibility.   It can say about the achievement, mission, and progress made by a business.


Contests are more direct and they quickly engage an audience over something. Moreover, besides driving engagement businesses can also derive valuable customer data through contests.


An image really worth thousands of words and so a gallery full of relevant images would never fail to engage the audience and make them interact. Gallery beside showcasing products and business deliverables can also show portfolios, business ideas, event highlights, workplace or customer interaction.

Interactive text

Even the solid web ready texts tend to be interactive these days. Yes, your text content can also be interactive in many ways.

Do you incorporate a personal tone as though talking to your customer? Do you like asking them questions? Do you talk about their reactions?

Well, all these and many such aspects related to lively interpersonal communication make your text interactive.

And yes, do not forget to use small paragraphs and subheads as they grab attention and make contents more readable.


Infographics are a great way to present information. They offer a visually appealing way to showcase a lot of data and insights that quickly drives understanding.

To Conclude

Interactive content among other things address this question of readability and help to boost the content for quick at-a-glance scanning.