Elements of a Video Squeeze Page With Great Conversion Rates

A video squeeze page has been used as a very important part of online marketing. It’s the first thing that viewers see when they follow a link to view your content. They are an essential part of any online campaign. All the elements of a great landing page have been discussed.

Great visuals, especially videos are being used more and more on emails, websites and of course on landing pages too. Why? because videos are so engaging and therefore translate into more conversions for you. Landing pages that use videos have been proven to increase conversion by over 80%!

In this article, we will look at video squeeze page examples and some useful tips.

What Exactly Is a Video Squeeze Page?


A video squeeze page is a page on your site that is intended to catch and engage incoming traffic. The traffic is engaged using different multimedia resources.

The video is embedded on the landing page and demonstrates the value of your product or service. How you do this is totally up to you but it has to be compelling.

The video itself can also be hosted on YouTube or Vimeo using HTML code.

Why is a video squeeze page better than the regular landing page?

Legitimize Your Product


Presenting your product or service through a video legitimizes it more than just using text or images. It seems more top-shelf from the outset.

Of course, video content also requires tones of work in the pre-production, production, and post-production; this on a subconscious level shows the user that you are dedicated and committed and that you have the greatest confidence in what you are offering.

Present More in Little Time


Through video, you’ll be able to showcase facets of your product or service in just a little time in a way you would not be able to do through text and images without it being a bit much



A video enables you to take viewers through the journey of what you are offering using any scenario you wish. What does this mean? The viewers will get it much faster because they will easily relate. That is the power of storytelling.

If it is something technical that would just be too much n text, using a video softens it and makes it much more approachable and user-friendly.



Have you ever watched a funny or emotionally appealing commercial and the next time you went to the supermarket you bought that product?

People respond positively most of the time to emotional cues. You can use this opportunity to present what you are offering at that angle. Your audience will remember you.

Tips for Using Video on Squeeze Pages with examples

Video Squeeze Page Tip # 1: Use a Good Thumbnail


Thumbnails don’t necessarily have to be what you would expect. A lot of people think of a thumbnail as an image from the video with an overlaid play button.

If you do decide to use a static image, make sure to carry out some A/B testing to see which image will engage your audience more and get them converting.

Below is an example of a landing page that that is a looping video that engages the audience. 

Video Squeeze Page

Video Squeeze Page Tip # 2: Using More Than One Video


Typically, only one video is used to avoid distracting the audience. This means that it should be at the center of your page and have a lot of simplicity going on as a rule: simple messaging, simple design so that you do not have clutter and not to overwhelm the audience. All this is true.

There’s another option, however; you can have more than one video on your landing page. Of course, the “main focus” video will be center stage but you can include others below the fold that explain more and immerse users more in the experience.

Have a look at this video squeeze page for Salesforce’s Dreamforce conference. The genius behind it is that the focus is on the main video but once the viewer is interested in the content, they can click on the other videos for more.

Video Squeeze Page

Video Squeeze Page

Video Squeeze Page Tip #3: Storytelling


The power of telling a story. You can use a video to tell a story using iconography and a relaxed, friendly voice over. The easiest way to do this is through conversation in a short time.

Just because you are telling a story doesn’t mean you have to take your audience through a long and winding road.

While telling the story, you can use audio as the primary point of delivery so that the user can listen in while doing other things.

TapInfluencer delivers their story perfectly using these pointers.

Video Squeeze Page

Video Squeeze Page Tip # 4: Combine Video with Other Media


What? I thought that videos are the way to go? It’s great that you are embracing them, but a video doesn’t have to stand alone.

Remember that not every audience will want to watch a video; some will want to read, others will want to watch the video while others will want to do both.

The best way to ensure that the audience gets the best of both worlds is to combine both media. This way, your landing page will appeal to different audience depending on their preference.

Video Squeeze Page

The above video would have been quite vague if there wasn’t the text to bring everything together.

So, what do we learn from these examples?

Time Is Of the Essence

Try to restrict your video to 45-90 seconds. Any more and you’ll lose the users attention.

The Camera Is the Customer


What does this mean? Put yourself in the consumer’s shoes. What are they looking for? What problem do they want to be solved? Answer these questions from their point of view/ angle. Not yours.

Do Not Auto Play Your Video


There’s no other way to put this other than; it is annoying! Give your audience the choice to decide whether to engage or not, don’t put it all up in their faces. It is the easiest way to lose your audience.

Value, Value, Value


Someone is taking their time to watch your video. Give the audience value for their time. Deliver value.

Have your facts right, be very specific about what problem it is that you are solving and where they can get the fix.

Your video should always be scripted so that you make sure that you are focusing on all your points of delivery.

Make an Impression Fast


You have very limited time to make an impression on that viewer- in the first 3 seconds! Invest in your production. Use imagery that literally reels in your audience.

Different Videos- Different Audiences


Do not assume that everybody will consume your video content on the same level. There are different types of people, use different videos to answer their specific problems.

Keep Learning


Analyze your content and keep on improving on it. Collect data on how you perform along the way and use this to optimize your performance.



You can now see how using a video squeeze page can increase your conversion. That is only one side of the coin, however, your business itself will also have to be in tip-top shape.

Always be consistent on different platforms to get that authenticity.