Upsell Landing Page

6 Key Features of an Effective Upsell Landing Page That Converts

It is quite shocking to know that you are able to have a successful month of conducting business without having to get a customer, even a single one. This is especially possible for businesses that are well set as they would only have to deal with customers they already have. One may not want to stop the efforts to get new customers but may have more to gain by focusing efforts on converting those that are already customers. This conversion is possible through the use of an upsell landing page template.

Their use is able to help with the establishment of loyal customers who will act as a renewable resource due to repeat purchases that are constantly carried out.

Most of the well-known companies get these customers returning as they provide value immediately it is needed and only demand little to carry out upgrades for the purchase.

Upsell page templates are used to sell to customers by first suggesting add-ons they could make to their order rather than the option they have made.

The success of the upsell of the page is dependent on design and to an extent, how well it has been deployed.

Features of an effective upsell Landing page

Upsell Landing Page Feature #1: Immediate Clarity


Similar to other types of landing pages, avoid confusion and distractions. Ensure the headline is direct to avoid confusing a customer while attempting to convey intrigue.

A sub-headline can be included for emphasis on the offer and the time limit that has been placed on it.

The page should be limited to a single screen with everything above the fold as larger pages ruin the shopping experience and project the content at work.

Upsell Landing Page Feature #2: Video Slot


This is not a necessity but it could boost success rates when it is well done. Video can also aid with clarity as headlines are easily ignored, unlike videos.

The video could be used to highlight benefits of doing an upgrade. The links used below the video should guide the visitor to the other related content.

Upsell Landing Page Feature #3: Bonus Bullets


Customers may click on the video or at times opt to skim through the text. Bullets that are well placed emphasizing benefits will be catching and gain the attention of anyone skimming.

Content on the upsell page should be broken down using bold fonts, bullets, icons, numbering etc. to get rid of lengthy sentences and ensure the information is easily retained by a visitor to the site.

Upsell templates are not well suited for offers that demand a lot of text to be understood.

Upsell Landing Page Feature #4: Urgency


To ensure the offer is practically irresistible, limit the information on the offer to the upsell page and indicate that limitations have been placed.

Countdown timers can be added benefit as customers are aware there is a time stipulation on the offer.

Upsell Landing Page Feature #5: A Clear Next Step


Direct customers on what steps they are to take next e.g. through the use of a call to action button. It should be visible to ensure all the customers are able to locate it. Some text can be used beneath it to offer guidance on what follows next.

Upsell Landing Page Feature #6: Opt-out Link


Visitors should be allowed time and space to consider your offer but there needs to be a link on the upsell page that will allow people to reject it.

Indicate the location of the opt-out option within the upsell page so that it can be found when one needs it at a later time.

Having an option to opt out avoids the creation of resentment among customers who are only uninterested in one particular offer.

Upsell Guidelines

Upsell Landing Page
• Total prices should not be increased by more than 25%.

• Simplicity should be employed to allow multi-use of single upsell page among similar purchase types.

Upsell landing page can be created with a view to providing:


• Membership or an advanced plan

• Improved quality versions of a product previously ordered

• Longer subscription for products and services

• Complete packages

• Larger size orders

The offer could sound better by the inclusion of discounts and bonuses. Upsell offers can be included in the checkout process and added to the campaign.

It is important that upsell pages are well placed for maximum benefits. Before checkout, do not include the upsell page as it stalls checkout for the customer and it can make them change their mind.

Upsell pages are best suited for when one a purchase process is being initialized and the customer is weighing their options.

Customers who have already seen the product prove to be an added advantage as they do not require additional time to familiarize themselves with the product and offer but instead make quick decisions.

Upsell is well executed and effective when they are considered customer service. Ensure they are made with customer needs in mind and at a time convenient to them.

Strategies to increase conversion

Start Here Page


The page first accessed by visitors can be easily identified. A look at page analytics can reveal such information.

A start page can be used as an anchor for those interested in the offer but are uncertain of the way forward. This page will quickly pass the mission of the site and offer a link to be used to hold onto a visitor.

Access Via Social Media


It is important that traffic is never redirected to the homepage. Creation of the page is done with an aim to acknowledge the origin of the user and make a subscriber from the reader. It is better to take advantage of social media and use it to acquire an email address.

Guest Custom Landing Pages


Create a landing page that will specifically cater to guests of the site. It works best when it addresses the problems faced by the visitor and offer solutions for it.

Blog Comment Landing Page


Have landing pages for the sites where most comments are made allows one to click a link to receive orientation. On the headline, ensure the site of origin has been recognized.

Post Subscription Sign-Up


For email subscribers to consume your content, subscriptions have to be confirmed. Timers can be added to the offer to create a sense of urgency on what one will miss out on if they do not take action.

Thank You Page


Visitors to the site are directed through certain steps from the original visit to the final signup.

The signup or subscription should not be the conclusion but different pricing strategies can be introduced here depending on the paid offer.

Reference CTA Button

Upsell Landing Page

For those who have gone through the steps from start to finish provide them with a CTA that will allow visitors to make recommendations to their friends with similar interests.

To sweeten the deal, offer deals or discounts to those who refer the page and extra for those that result in conversions.



Ask the visitors questions once the conversion has taken place. Feedback will aid in the creation of new strategies and determine shortcomings of the page.

Creation of upsell bonus landing page templates can be done on your own though it could be forwarded to professionals at Lander if the skills needed prove lacking.