Instagram Hashtags are like SEO Keywords choose them wisely to get more instagram followers

Effective Twitter Marketing Strategy Using Hashtags

As conferred by Mark Burgess, the author of Blue Focus Marketing, “The Twitter Hashtag is the New Neon Sign.” He further revealed that “hashtags function like a lighthouse to attract Twitter users to content that may be of interest.”

Hashtag – What Is It?

Hashtag is now known to everyone using the internet. However, very few probably know its history, purpose and benefits.

Hashtags were introduced by IRC (Internet Relay Chats), which went on to become popular on Twitter, mainly used for the purpose of “tweet chats.” Twitter is a space for open group chats and discussions, relevant to marketers today.

Hashtags can be defined as one word, or phrase, or group of words after the hash (#) sign. For the technical people, it is also called a metadata tag.

For effective hashtag marketing in Twitter, there are some strategies you should follow to reach out to your global audience.

1. Choose a Matching Hashtag for your Brand/Company/Trademark

Hashtag can be very effective to promote a brand and its purpose. Even when you are not around, your brand would speak for you.

However, it is not necessary to promote your brand loudly! There are subtle ways of marketing that gives hints. Sometimes it is better to be generic yet transport without including the brand name.

So, instead of writing your brand name, you can promote its purpose, which also lends a creative angle to your brand. But, make sure it is concise and informative besides keeping it conceptual.

Using restricted number of characters, you have to make your hashtag promotion count!

2. Set Realistic Goals

Social marketing definitely has a much broader scope and a wider audience base.

However, you should also remember that only quality marketing techniques can help you achieve your aim.

Some of the trending topics and latest happenings are displayed with hashtags on Twitter.

So, if you are planning to launch a campaign for Twitter, make sure you set realistic goals rather than trying to make your post viral.

Once you launch a campaign, you can also know what people are saying about your hashtag and the brand you are promoting.

It is also the best way to know whether you have been able to breakthrough your targeted audience or user base or not.

3. Use Event Hashstags

In order to reach out to a global audience and increase your visibility, Twitter event hashtag is the best and most viable idea.

Being in business, you have to attend official seminars, conferences and conversations. Promote your Twitter hashtag in such a way so that:

  • You can reach your audience as well as potential influencers
  • Have better visibility of the brand
  • Look knowledgeable, and
  • Have active users

Event hashtag can give you mileage and can monitor participation of users remotely. It also opens up a new opportunity to connect with different industries and develop key connections with consumers.

4. Your Hashtags Should be Short

Even one word can do justice to a hashtag if applied properly. Twitter allows 140 characters to users.

So, having a long hashtag is definitely of no use. You have to try to keep it to 20 characters max.

However, in those 20 characters, you have to explain your business and purpose really well. Possible? Of course it is!

5. Avoid Tweeting Your Hashtags Incessantly

Because you are promoting a business with Twitter hashtag doesn’t mean you should use multiple hashtags in one tweet.

According to research, a tweet with over 3 hashtags is often overlooked and least likely to be clicked than the rest.

Albeit, it is a smart way of promoting your app or business, but it doesn’t have all the leverage you are expecting. It looks like a SPAM!

6. Always Have a Backup Plan

Hashtag marketing all has certain disadvantages. If something goes wrong with your campaign, you should have a backup plan to fall back on.

The best approach is to assess the probable risk factors of rolling out a brand campaign and have a detailed PR response plan for adverse situations.

If, by any chance, your hashtag campaign backfires, you should be prepared to face it and give proper clarification.

7. Get Involved with Twitter

Your involvement and participation in twitter chats is very important to get your hashtags noticed.

Twitter chats open up new opportunities to give your business better exposure and connections, and also develop relationships with influencers.

Your communication becomes a contribution.

Choose relevant Twitter chats for your industry or brand, and participate. You can also, create your personal Twitter chats, promoting your business through simple ways and means.

8. Hashtag is a Conversation – Remember

It is not always necessary for a brand to have its own hashtag.

You can also participate in hashtag campaigns created by similar brands based on common topics and help your business grow.

It would ensure that people discover your brand and related content.

9. Promote Hashtag Conversations

Social media display at events can increase your visibility rapidly. With hashtags, there’s no exception!

To promote your hashtag conversation or brand image, you can always display your hashtag message across Facebook or create events for the same.

Social media is the fastest way to reach out to more and more number of people in times to come.

It is the perfect place to communicate with people, increase participation, share ideas and information, and have loads of fun.

10. Watch the Conversation Thread

If you have created a hashtag event or brand, you have to follow it too.

It is not only necessary to participate in chats to implement smart use of your hashtags but it also needed to make sure your content is discovered easily.

As such, it is recommended that you monitor your hashtags and see what the industry, its key influencers and your key competitors have to say about the surrounding topic.

As you listen, you can have in-depth insight of facts, which would help you to improve your participation.

Choose excelling strategies and correct language to communicate with your audience and use your knowledge to interact and influence your users.

Hashtag is now the most engaging and trending marketing strategies to boost engagement of people and get them talking about your brand online.

You have to take a smarter approach in using hashtags to curate, compile and share your content.