Squeeze Page Design

Essential Squeeze Page Design Tips to Improve Conversions

It is important that you understand what squeeze page is before you can get down to squeeze page design.

A squeeze page is basically a page on your website which has the main purpose of collecting email addresses from the visitors to your website which can be used for future email marketing campaigns.

This page usually offers its prospects something valuable in exchange for their email addresses.

The method that you use in the collection of email addresses on your squeeze page must be legitimate and above board.

How to Get the Best Conversion Rates On Your Squeeze Page


The following two elements are the most essential for an effective squeeze page design:

• Effectiveness of the page

• Simplicity of the page

Measuring Effectiveness


Squeeze Page Design


A good squeeze page should generate a minimum excess of 10% but if your landing page is exceptional then it should produce about 50% to 60%.

The conversion rate is usually calculated by taking into account the total number of new visitors to your squeeze page and then the number is divided by the number of signups that the page receives.

Structural and Content Simplicity


In order for your squeeze page to be successful, you must ensure that the structure of your squeeze page is simple enough and the content that you display is clear and simple.

This will help avoid any confusion for the people who visit your squeeze page from what you want them to do on your landing page.

This will also help to prevent visitors from leaving your page. Your squeeze page will only be as good as the quality of the visitors it receives and also the alignment of the product you offer to your visitors.

It is important that your visitor/product offering alignment is solid. Ensure that the content you offer talks about what you are offering the visitors and nothing else.

Components of an Effective Squeeze Page Design


This is the part where we talk about how to actually design and create your squeeze page. The following tips will help you in this task.

Squeeze Page Design #1: The Headline


Squeeze Page Design


The headline is usually placed above the fold. The headline you choose to use for your squeeze page will have the effect of compelling your visitors to stay on your squeeze page and continue reading what you have to offer them.

When coming up with your headline you have to keep in mind your source traffic. Visitors coming from whichever source are coming to your page for a reason.

This reason should be mentioned in the link that you provide in different areas such as Facebook and Google plus.

You have to ensure that your headline is short and captivating. It should also carry enough spunk and also have the correct emotional triggers.

The headline you come up with has to correctly portray the product you are offering and what your visitors would expect.

This may be the most difficult part of creating your squeeze page as it requires a lot of thought to be put into it.

For you to come up with the best heading for your squeeze page you have to conduct A/B testing on various headings and see which heading performs the best and thus use it.

Squeeze Page Design #2: Offering Expectations


The next step after the viewers read your headline they will want to know what you are offering them.

You need to simply and clearly spell out what your visitors will get from you when they decide to work with you.

The information about your offer should be placed above the fold. You can share the information in the form of a video or in bullet points that can easily be digested by your visitors.

If you decide to use a video please ensure it takes the shortest time possible to load and if you use the bullet points you should make sure that you are straightforward with what you are communicating and also stick to the point.

You should always keep in your mind that most internet users scan through pages and thus make sure that you make everything as easy to read as possible.

You should also conduct A/B test to find out which are the best words to use for your offer content.

Squeeze Page Design #3:  Use Relevant Images


Many people will respond more to pictures than they would words. It is important that you test different images to find out which ones your audience responds more positively to.

The image that you use should be directly related to the product that you are promoting.

This will help to remove the guesswork that your prospects are bound to have related to what you are offering them.

It is better that you place the image next to the capture form and this should be on the top right-hand corner of your page as most people tend to throw their gaze there. This will help you get the best results from your squeeze page.

Squeeze Page Design #4:  The Sign-up Form


Squeeze Page Design


This is the most important aspect of your squeeze page. Two things to always keep in mind about your capture form are that you should always place it above the fold and always at the right-hand side of the squeeze page.

This will make it easier for your visitors to locate it. You should make it your first priority to ensure that your form is easy for your visitors to fill. You can do this by reducing the number of fields that they have to fill out.

Having only one field for the email address would be the best approach to take as a marketer as this is what is really important.

In the event that you need to collect more information other than the email address, then you have to give a very good reason for doing it.

It is important that you have a rationale behind every piece of information that you request from your visitors.

Let every piece of information that you request for be something that is mandatory for your campaign efforts to be effective.

You should include a CTA which will direct the visitors to what you would like them to do.

If you want your form to be more effective you should use your CTA to tell the user what they will get rather than what they should do.

Most squeeze pages will make their CTA buttons “submit” but you should strive to do something different and instead tell visitors what is in it for them.

Squeeze Page Design #5:  Remove All Distracting Information


The fewer things you have on your squeeze page the less distracting it will be. If you have too many distractions on your page you may lose good subscribers because they did not understand what you wanted them to do on the page.

Do not place any links on your squeeze page as many people will be tempted to follow them and they will never come back to your squeeze page thus never actually filling out your signup form.

Allow the visitors to only do two things on your squeeze page is to either fill in your signup form or leave your squeeze page.

Apply these tips to your squeeze page design for optimal conversion.