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11 Tips for Creating an Effective Social Media CTA

If you are a marketer on Instagram or any other social media site and you are having a problem making your prospects buy what you are selling then invest on your social media CTA.

It is important to always keep in mind when communicating with your customers to always let them know what they need to know in order to make a purchase.

You have to determine which of your customers is likely to purchase a product and then try to convince him/her to buy the product. Never endeavor to convince everyone to make a purchase as this will put people off.

Reason You Are Giving Your Potential Customers


The first reaction that consumers will have when you tell them to take an action will be “why should I do it?” Make sure that you answer this question in your writing before it is even asked.

Ask yourself why you would like someone to do something before actually asking him/her.

Do You Always Have to Use a Social Media CTA?


Most people respond to photos than they would words. It is important that you use your words wisely if you want more people to make a purchase after you post on Instagram.

Ensure that you sell each time you post something on Instagram. When you post just-for-fun post people will get to see your personality and they will like you.

Creating Effective an Social Media CTA



Social Media CTA

You have to be strategic in creating your Call to Action if you want to reap the most out of your social media page.

When you have a CTA that is not performing it can be very frustrating.

This is actually worse when you had spent a lot of time and energy to create the product and service that the CTA is supposed to advertise.

This problem can easily be fixed when you use the tips that we will provide for you below.

Social Media CTA Tip #1: It’s All Mental


Most internet users are used to the idea of a Call to Action in the sense that when they open any page that is promoting any product or service they expect to be asked to do something.

As a marketer, you should take advantage of this by designing the page in a way that directs the users to the CTA which should be clear and easily visible.

Most social media sites have already done the job of making the design more user interface friendly. The only work that is left for you to do is to come up with a Call to Action and get it to your users.

It is important that you do not try to hide your CTA because you do not want to appear like you are harassing your prospects they are already expecting it to be there so just let them have it.

Social Media CTA Tip #2:  Ask Users For Action


You may want to share information with your users but you should never forget that your main agenda is to get the users to convert and thus the ultimate job of the Call to Action.

You have to ensure that you build you CTA using words that call people to action.

The next step you have to take is to create urgency so that people feel like they need to act fast so as to get the benefit you are promoting. This will help you to get those undecided users to take action.

Social Media CTA Tip #3: Use Images


Social Media CTA


It is important that you also use graphics that grab the attention of the users in your social media Call to Action.

Most people are able to process images faster than they can words. When you use images to emphasize your Call to Action then your success rate is likely to be higher than that of the one who doesn’t use images.

  1. Social Media CTA Tip #4:Make The Benefit Clear

Most consumers whether using social media or other offline avenues are just interested in what they will get out of a deal.

You have to make sure that you clearly spell out the benefit they will get from clicking you Call to Action and also make the offer to be worth it else no one will click on it.

Social Media CTA Tip #5: Test Your Call to Action


The best way for you to come up with the best Call to Action is to conduct A/B tests on different variations of your Call to Action so as to know which one your target audience actually responds to.

You can test different aspects such as wording, color contrast, graphics, and font.

When you take into account the feedback you get from your audience you will be able to come up with an effective CTA that actually makes users convert.

Social Media CTA Tip #6: Use the Main Image Header


You can put the name of the image you are using to advertise your product on one side and then direct attention to your CTA using arrows or flashes so that users know what you would like them to do.

Social Media CTA Tip #7: Emphasize Your Call to Action with Design


You can actually draw attention to you Call to Action using the design of your social media cover photo.

You can place your offer in a specially designed banner that will make visitors feel that they are getting a very special deal from you.

This will also help the visitors to clearly identify what action you would like them to perform on your Instagram page.

Social Media CTA Tip #8: Let Your Design Make an Impact


You have to ensure that you properly utilize the design of your CTA to entice people to actually click on it.

You can use a combination of attractive colors, make the font large enough to be seen but not too big that it becomes a challenge, use images on your CTA and also use the right words.

This will go a long way in improving your Instagram conversion rate.

Social Media CTA Tip #9: Use Calls to Action within Posts to Spark a Conversation


When you customers start a conversation about your product many people will also start getting interested in your offer.

This makes it necessary for you to include a Call to Action in your post in that conversation where interested parties can click and also benefit from your offer without having to go to your Instagram page to learn about it.

Social Media CTA Tip #10: Go Full Graphic On Your Instagram Page


Social Media CTA


Instagram is a social media platform that has been specifically designed for Calls to Action that are image-based.

As we said earlier people will digest images faster than they will words thus you should utilize Instagram and share as many photos as possible as your CTA.

People will be more persuaded to purchase something that they can see rather than something that they read about without the visual accompaniment.

Social Media CTA Tip #11: Use a Question


When you use a question in your Call to Action you get your audience thinking thus keeping them engaged in your campaign.

You make them feel that they took part in the process of deciding what they should do. This will also help the audience want to learn more so that they can answer the question that you had posed to them.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article.