Pinterest SEO

Key Pinterest SEO Tips That Will Amplify Your Marketing Campaigns

Pinterest SEO: Over the years, Pinterest has developed into a high profit generating social media page for marketers.

It has hundreds of millions users- you can say it is giving the other social media platforms like Google, Facebook and Amazon a run for their money.

The above might be the case, but Pinterest has not been fully explored for its much use in the SEO industry.

Pinterest should have more recognition and explored in to, this is because it sits apart from Google-focused efforts and provides a nurturing environment for storytelling, and also provides an ample atmosphere for new discoveries where its users can generate ideas.

It stands out from Bing and Google because it engages more on metric social share than what Google uses- backlinks and technical SEO.

But we all know that there will always be an optimization to any opportunity that arises in the search engine industry.

Just like every other social media tool, Pinterest can be used effectively for SEO if you know how. With the right knowledge and strategy, you can term it into the foremost tool for optimization.

The 10 tips below will guide you in creating a successful Pinterest SEO campaign:

1. Pinterest SEO Tip: Get the Basics Right


You have to make sure the following functions are in order before venturing in to the finer details and start posting:

Create a business account: This is an account solely for the purpose of your business; you can also as easily convert your personal account to your business account.

Choose an SEO friendly username: Your name will be included in URL profile hence it should be linked with what a consumer might want.

Optimize your profile: Fill your details in the profile page, clearly indicate what your business does your logo and even products and services offered. This makes it easier for a customer to identify what your business.

Set up at least one board: You will need a minimal of one board for a start, this is to help you add pins.

2. Pinterest SEO Tip: Prepare Your Website


Pinterest SEO


You can access tools that enable you to collect data on your platform to target more Pinterest campaigns, at the same time you can direct people to your website to make transactions, hence this is important.

Therefore it requires a few easy but important steps; they include the following for an effective reporting on your Pinterest SEO:

Add the Pinterest tag: This is compared to that of Facebook pixel, this small piece is crucial on creating conversion events on your website, and inform you reliably on your profile`s performance.

Add the save button: All it requires is a tiny party of HTML code and it will give you access to expand the breath of your campaigns beyond Pinterest.

Users can save images on your site or their boards. The button can either appear automatically or appears on the top left corner of the image when users hover over it.

• Your site needs to be verified this would involve adding a line of HTML code, in which your profile photo will be added to all of your pins.

3. Pinterest SEO Tip: Set Appropriate Goals for Your Business


Facebook and Google lead times are much shorter than that of Pinterest that is why it is a useful tool to generate leads. It engages users differently and fastens the purchasing process.

The important part is identifying what your Pinterest means to your business and set goals aligning them with it.

You have to be tactical and have a variety of conversion to generate traffic on to your page and only then you layer conversion goals on top.

4. Pinterest SEO Tip: Run a keyword Research


Pinterest SEO


Pinterest provides a wider option on related ideas and in relation to our current cultural habit for pictorials, Google being a competitor has reduced the field for keyword search option hence a disadvantage and an advantage to Pinterest.

The following tips will help you identify the right topic for your board and pins:

Use guided search: This helps the visitors to the site find the exact information they are looking for. The initial search question is a trigger, Pinterest automatically gives you option related information.

Engage with promoted pins: Here we use trial keywords to gauge performance before unveiling a long-term SEO campaign.

Explore topics: Pinterest does a lot of arranging and organizing titles neatly into categories and sub-categories. This is to help you identify your business category and identify your competitor’s questions.

5. Pinterest SEO Tip: Organize and Optimize Boards


Your key consideration creating a board should include keywords and consumers research. Pinterest provides visual aids and also it will be the first thing your user will see. For a board to gain popularity it needs to be filled with pins of high quality.

6. Pinterest SEO Tip:Get to know the Anatomy of Pin


Creation of perfect pin is an art and science. Below are some of the rules to be followed in order to come up with the best pin:

Get your proportions right: This is important because some users access the website using the mobile and other on a desktop.

Use multiple colors: This will enable your images to be repined research has shown that multiple colored images are repined more than those with single colors.

Have a purpose: You have to identify how you can create continuous value through your pins so that your customers can return multiple times, this is the opposite when creating commercial messages. Example: step to step tutorials work best in such situations.

7. Pinterest SEO Tip: Be Descriptive


It is important to obtain the correct vivid explanation for SEO on Pinterest. To make sure the users get vivid pictures of what you are presenting to them, it is not only useful to have pictures, but also words that will help in locating and identifying the image being searched.

All this can easily be done under the description space provided when adding a picture, you can explain to your users what the product does and the benefits. You can use minimal words that your viewers can easily see when they click to your pin.

8. Pinterest SEO Tip: Aim for Engagement


This is how you relate to your users. The following tips will help on how you interact with your users:

Connecting your Pinterest account with the rest of your social media this will increase awareness of your content.

• Welcome relevant Pinterest influencers to partner with you so that you can grow.

• Text overlay rank highest hence it’s good to do so.

• Performance should be measured.

• Frequent pins

• Use suitable boards

9. Pinterest SEO Tip: Consider Visual Search and Related Items


Visual search is becoming market trendsetter with help of less technology. Items can easily be identified using Pinterest photos. It only becomes effective to individuals who take their time to produce quality images to easily identify for SEO.

10. Pinterest SEO Tip: Don’t Forget About Google


We all know Pinterest is the way to go in SEO, cost effective and helps in creating a lot of traffic; hence it can be used since it is a great platform to run your own SEO efforts.

On the other hand it involves a lot of hard work. You can prioritize by targeting key words that will create highest value.