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Hot Tips On Effective PBN Hosting For Smart Marketers

A simple mistake done could result in dire consequences such as having Google deindex your domain which will subsequently lose its ranking power. Ignoring PBN hosting basics could lead to a waste in ranking efforts.

Below are some steps to take when PBN hosting.

1. Sign up for a free domain such as Hammerhead domains. To improve rankings, choose between 5-10 PBN domains. Check them for spam before registration to avoid owning bad domains.

2. Sign up for shared hosting if you intend to build many separate networks.

3. Use the domains as new WordPress sites by taking advantage of offered tools as well as software provided.

4. Modify the theme, the content, images etc. on the site. Add links that lead to the money site. The rankings will prove after some time.

Basic PBN Hosting Safety Tips  (How To Avoid Deindexing)


It is important that the PBN domains appear singularly owned and operated and not owned by one person or group. Below are ways how Google algorithms can target PBNs so that they devalue or deindex them.

PBN Hosting Tip #1:  Unique c-class IP Addresses


The blogs should have different IP addresses A, B or C. As long as only the last number or D-class differs from other PBN blogs, extra ranking power will not be passed to the client or money site and there will be an accumulation in risk of deindexation.

PBN Hosting Tip #2:  Unique Nameservers


If nameservers are similar even though the domains have different IP addresses, Google becomes suspicious of the association between the domains.

It is not a dire issue for your domains to share the same nameservers especially if they are those of known hosting companies nevertheless one should avoid having an extremely large number of their domains on the same nameserver.

PBN Hosting Tip #3:  Unique SOA Email Addresses


PBN Hosting


Many IP addresses can be provided by certain hosting companies. They may also provide different nameservers but when all the domains share the same SOA email address Google will take note that the domains are related.

Start of authority (SOA) can be noted as a public record that can relate routing protocols to your domain name.

One can easily check the records associated with their domains. In a manner similar to nameservers, domain share allowed to share SOA records but not in large numbers.

PBN Hosting Tip #4:  Spammy IP Addresses or Hosts


In recent times, Google has been seen targeting hosts or IP addresses that are seen to have a high density of PBNs or spam sites.

A study done has shown that many of the popular PBN hosting selections contain a large amount of deindexed domains that are hosted.

The study also showed that the percentage of deindexed domains on an IP address could relate to the probability of the domains that were indexed.

When the IP address or hosts have below 30% being deindexed, they are safe while above this rate will pose a high risk.

What are some of  PBN hosting solutions?

Cheap Hosts


Hosts are relatively easy to find. They are able to provide a client with an IP address that is unique, nameservers as well as SOA email addresses.

The main inhibitor is, however, management and uptime factors. With the growth in PBNs, problems such as small hosts, lack of support, too much downtime and the collapse in such businesses may arise.

Name Brand Shared Hosting From Reputable Providers


It is always best to host a PBN with brand hosting companies. It minimizes the risk of having to deal with upcoming problems like uptime, poor support etc.

Good hosting companies provide the best support and uptime. One may have to share an IP address, nameserver, SOA as well as hosting brand name with plenty of other small businesses that are legitimate but they will not fall target to algorithms used by Google.

SEO’s seem to opt out of this option as it comes with high costs that come through monthly while awaiting changes to ranking.

With an increase in PBN, multiple domains can be hosted on the same host provided the domains are directing to different clients or money sites, leading to a reduction in total costs.

This method lacks central dashboard and management point and the solution offered are custom tailored. Some good host providers are Hostgator, Bluehost, A Small Orange, TMD hosting, GoDaddy, and GreenGeeks.

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Easy Blog Networks


PBN Hosting


EBN is a hosting company that has developed solutions and features that make PBN hosting easier. For all the sites, a central dashboard is provided that is able to manage the sites.

WordPress is easily accessed by a click to track and monitor statistics. There are constant improvements and advancements of features that ease your life as well improve the safety of PBNs.

Various VPS providers are used to enable spread of domains to different IPs, nameservers and SOA email addresses so that footprints can be avoided. Recycling of used VPS reduces the probability of having IPs listed as spam.

The cost for every month will be dependent on the number domains that are hosted which make it cost effective to separate hosts that are popular.

With EBN, a disadvantage is that most if not all the domains present are PBNs. This is a risk that is handled by getting rid of deindexed sites so that their percentage is 0 or close to it.

An aspect of risk still remains. A recently done study of 6000 domains, EBN had 4.4% deindextion rate while Name Brand Shared Hosting could bring about 3.5% deindexation rate.

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Bulk-buy Hosting


This is a hosting solution that is quickly gaining popularity. It is used to hide and ensure the PBN is safe. It is similar to EBN in that it provides a central dashboard as well that is used to manage sites as well as deal with support problems.

This results in a lot of overhead costs when compared to separate and shared hosting accounts. The difference comes when domains are not only hosted on IP addresses that are shared by PBNs but also provide access to other hosts such as Bluehost and A Small Orange.

Reseller accounts are shared on numerous legitimate sites as well as popular brand name hosts.

They also remove deindexed sites regularly from the servers present to ensure the percentage is low of deindexed sites on their IP. They provide the most affordable solution for small networks.

LaunchCDN: Host Sites On Content Delivery Networks


Some websites are generally accessed through content delivery networks (CDNs) rather than using a hosting provider directly.

When a website is navigated by making use of CDNs, files downloaded are from CDN’s provider’s server rather than from a host’s server.

Google will also access the site in a similar manner. This helps the site seem blended with other sites hosted by CDNs to Google.

LaunchCDN makes it easy to use this method by providing different setups so that you can host plenty of sites without footprint creation.

Choosing the Best Solution


The choice can range from EBN, Bulk Buy or even LaunchCDN. Using multiple hosts is a possibility. This is possible by splitting the domains for the different hosts.