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Instagram Landing Page: How to convert Your Followers

“One for the gram” is a popular saying among the youth today. Instagram landing page is a sensation not only for the young people but for adults as well.

The opportunity to share memories in the form of photos and images appeals to a large section of the world’s population.

This is why there are millions of people that use Instagram on a daily basis. These numbers provide for a very enticing marketing opportunity for online marketers.

However, although many have used it before to advertise, Instagram proves to be a hard nut to crack in terms of how exactly to use it to bring traffic to their businesses.

This brings us to the Instagram landing page. Converting Instagram users to one’s email list is the target for online marketers, and here we will show you how exactly to make this possibility a reality.

These are 6 quick tips for converting Instagram users to your list:

Special Instagram Landing Page


First, it is important to have a dedicated landing page for all your Instagram visitors. Make sure the landing page is customized for your visitors’ needs, and enough to keep their interest once they click on your squeeze page.

The landing page should have a message showing that you acknowledge them as potential clients specifically from Instagram.

It also needs to have some sort of incentives such as an offer or discounted price for service or product offered so that they are compelled to join your email list.

Short Video


You may have a short video for introduction on the landing page that may include greetings. This makes the visitors feel welcome, and become more comfortable with the idea of subscribing to your email list.

The video should include together with the greeting, the purpose of the landing page; that is, why the visitors should sign up. This is a great way to have the audience interact with you.

Digital Coupons


These are a good idea for getting the visitors to subscribe. Have a discount on a product, and offer it to the audience on the condition that they subscribe to your mail list.

This is sure to bring them lining up to receive the coupon. For this to work though, the discount has to be a large one, big enough for them to view it as an opportunity they cannot afford to miss.



Instagram Landing Page


Consider offering a webinar for the viewers. It should be about something very interesting and of course relevant to your business. Promote the webinar on Instagram, so that people are aware of it.

Provide the webinar and have people access it only after subscribing to your email list. This will attract the crowd interested in receiving information from the webinar.



You can hold contests and have a price for the winner to receive. This may be a pricey venture for your firm but the fruits of it will be worth it.

Remember to make it mandatory for all those wishing to join the contest to subscribe via their emails.

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Sneak Peeks


Promote the benefits of those already enlisted. For instance, if it is an app that you’re promoting, you can put up screenshots of inside the app, so people see what to expect.

Also, have offers and content that only those who subscribe to your email list can have access to. Share screenshots of such exclusive activities with the rest of the viewer to make them interested.

Creating an Effective Instagram Landing Page


Creating an Instagram landing page requires tact and some creativity. It is all about getting people to join your email list.

You need to attract them to your squeeze page and give them an offer they can’t refuse, all with the aim of growing your business.

Your email list, as you know, is an investment. It is where you will market new products and give information in future. Thus you can follow a few steps to create an effective Instagram landing page.

Be Truthful


The message on your landing page has to concide with what is on your website. Do not lie to the audience.

Such a move may create mistrust from the viewers when they realize they will not receive what they signed up for.

This will ruin the reputation of your firm, and word travels fast, especially when it is negative. To evade this, keep your information truthful and precise on the landing page.

Creative Design


The design of a landing page is what attracts the viewer. It is all about what they see, and if they like it they will move on to the next step.

Design the land page in such a way that will appeal to potential clients and make it hard for them to pass over it when it does come up. Capture their attention with the design.

You can use visual cues such as arrows to direct the viewers to your website or show them where they can subscribe.

Relevant Logo


Have a logo that is relevant to your website on the landing page. The logo is your brand so you want it to be simple and interesting enough.

Logos do have the tendency of being too large and taking up too much space on the landing page. To fix this problem and make sure the size is right, just run the logo through A/B testing.

This allows you to see the appearance of the landing page and the proportions and positions of the different elements on there.

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The Call-To-Action Button



This is a very important part of Instagram landing pages. The aim of having the page in the first place is to divert traffic to your website.

With this in mind, make sure that the button is very visible and cannot be missed. All arrows point at this button so that the viewers can leave their email on your list.

Have a Multi-step Form


An all in one kind of a technique will assure the visitors of a quick subscription process. This is better than one that takes them to different forms in the subscription process.

You don’t want your potential clients getting agitated or bored in the middle of subscribing and giving up. This easy to fill in form is a sure way to get them joining your list in large numbers.

It is also very important that you be upfront about any costs involved with subscribing or accessing the services or products being offered.

No one wants surprises that he or she did not know about, or agree to. Having the pricing open to all allows them to opt-in knowing what to expect and willingly make any necessary payments to access the products or services being offered.

Note that these steps are interrelated and that they are required to be used together to form an unbeatable strategy for an effective Instagram landing page.

You may still face bumps along the way, no one is perfect, and this is no reason to stop trying.

What you need to do is learn from past mistakes, improve on your strategy where necessary and keep at it. Consistency and improvement are what make an experienced mobile marketer.