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How to Grow Your Business With an Inbound Marketing Webinar

An Inbound Marketing Webinar is the most immersive form of content format  available in the market today.

Webinars allow users to interact with the speaker, the content, and other attendees in a way that cannot be rivaled by other forms of content.

About 62%of marketers in today’s market incorporate webinars into their lead generation and content marketing strategies.

The following are some of the reasons why webinars are the third most effective content marketing channel:

• Webinars are quite cheap when compared to hosting actual events

• They make it possible for marketers to reach an even wider audience

• Webinars are incredibly interactive

• They have proven to be very effective in lead and revenue generation

Marketers are using webinars to do all their inbound marketing activities such as lead generation, nurturing leads and sales conversions.

Inbound Marketing Webinar


The following are some best practices when it comes to leveraging the power of webinars so as maximize your inbound marketing efforts.


Map Your Inbound Marketing Webinar Content to Customers’ Buying Journey


 Inbound Marketing Webinar


Webinars are essential through all the steps of the sales funnel. Marketers often make the wrong assumption that webinars only work great for the lower funnel lead generation activities which include product demos.

It is however important to realize that an Inbound Marketing webinar can be used to nurture the prospects at the top of the funnel down towards the bottom of the sales funnel.

Ensure that you map your webinar to the funnel stage of the targeted audience. Remember that new prospects will require different content compared to those at the middle or bottom of the sales funnel.

A great way to map the content to the customers’ buying journey is to simply ask them what type of information they would need to get so as to make a purchasing decision.

Break Down Your Inbound Marketing Webinar into Other Content Forms


A single webinar can be reused and repurposed into different formats of the content that would offer more opportunities for inbound marketing lead generation and conversion.

It’s important to know that the more content formats that you break down your webinar into, the more opportunities you will create for list building, organic traffic generation and sales.

This helps to fill up your content distribution channel without the extra budget for content creation that comes with it.

Design a Comprehensive Promotion Plan


Your promotion efforts will determine the success of your Inbound Marketing webinar. When you put more effort in marketing and promoting your event you will attract a greater audience.

This will mean that you will get a wider lead base for your conversion efforts. The following are things to consider for the maximization of your promotion efforts:

• The promotion efforts of your webinar should start with focusing your webinar on a topic that is considered relevant to your target audience.

• You should market your event at least a week before it is to be held. Ensure that you utilize different channels including emails and social media so as to encourage as many people as possible to register for the event.

Ensure that there is a registration link in your social media posts, email newsletters and even use a blog post to inform users the benefits of your event to them.

The most important aspect of your Inbound Marketing webinar is its landing page. The following are features that must be included in this landing page:

• Ensure that your title has a clear value proposition

• Ensure that you clearly outline the benefits users get for attending your event

• The landing page should be social proof by including testimonials from past attendants and the number of people who have already registered

• Ensure that the CTA button is visible and is functioning

• Drive ROI by partnering with influencers

When you collaborate with influencers you are able to piggy-back on their already established audience.

These influencers also help your webinars to look credible and thus allow you to extend your reach to an even wider audience.

There are different ways to get influencers to collaborate with you which include attending their own webinars and events, reading and commenting on their blogs, following them on social media etc.

Tactics for a Successful Inbound Marketing Webinar


For your Inbound Marketing webinar to be considered effective it has to be able to inspire and inform the target audience. The following tips will help guide you in preparing your webinar.



Most attendees for your webinar will tend to lose focus and interest if your content doesn’t flow from point to point and there doesn’t seem to be any coherent message being delivered.

You should make sure that your webinar has a clear beginning and a clear ending. It should also contain enough supporting slides to make your point clear.

Ensure that your webinar stays on the same track from the beginning to the end and ensure that the theme remains consistent.

Speaking Style


It is very important that you practice your webinar before you present it to your audience. You can either practice it on your team or on yourself.

Ensure that you listen to yourself talk and you don’t repeat the same expressions over and over.

Ensure that as much as you would like to appear natural that you maintain a level of professionalism.

Also ensure that you don’t say too much in any of your slides just make your point and the move on to the next slide.

Slide Look and Message


When using webinars it’s your intention to grab your audience’s attention thus necessitating the use of more images than bullet points.

Ensure that the images you use clearly illustrate the point of the slide or at least provoke your viewers to laugh.

Humor will help you to maintain the interest of your audience and also make them want to see more.

Make sure that the design theme for your slide deck looks professional and also do not put too much information selling your brand.

Call to Action


Inbound Marketing Webinar


You can ask your audience to take an action such as responding to a question either through an interactive pole or by using tweets.

This will help you get your audience involved in your webinar and also help them realize something valuable. This will help your webinar become more of a conversation that a speech.

Powerful Conclusion


Ensure that you save the best content for last. This will make the viewers feel that their time was worthwhile.

You can give them a sneak preview of the products you will be releasing next or even invite them to another event that will only be open to those who attended the webinar that is currently happening.

You can offer them something valuable for free but please ensure that you do not push the sales pitch too hard.

It is important to generate leads but what’s even more important is to ensure that as many attendees as possible sign up for your webinar series and also attend them regularly.

Creating this trust relationship is a very crucial part of inbound marketing. It is also very important to let your webinar attendees know what to expect for your next webinar.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article.