Event Landing Page

Basic Elements of an Effective Event Landing Page

Building an event landing page suited for events takes quite the effort and entails a great deal of creativity.  With so many landing pages at hand, it is becoming increasingly difficult to choose the best event landing page template to use.

Here are tips and tricks on how to build a great landing page for your event.

Understand Your Target Audience


This is the most important aspect to consider while building your landing page. You need to segment carefully your client base. Identify your target audience from the start.

For instance, if you selling tickets for a game, the target audience would be different from if you selling tickets for an art event.

The Right Price


For your landing page ensure that your price is competitive because there are dozens of other landing pages that promote similar events such as yours.

If your price is too low it may cause suspicion and if it is too high it might tell off your prospects.

 Create an Appealing CTA


Seemingly having a CTA button placed at the top is all it takes to make it brilliant. However, a CTA has to be properly stationed. It should be designed appropriately.

Your CTA should be clear and persuasive.  It should show urgency. It should also target your audience. The design of your landing page is what distinguishes a low conversion website from a high conversion table.

In light of this, your landing page should be thoroughly done and should match whatever expectations your target audience might have.

Here are 3 basic event page features to help you achieve the perfect landing page:

Create Concise Content


Start off with the content. Remember that design is not all about have colourful images rather it is more about what it entails and how it is perceived by your viewers. As such it is important to ensure that your landing page is perfect.

Your event landing page should explain clearly the specifications of the event i.e. what the event is, where it will take place and the time it will be held.

Using Wireframes

Event Landing Page

A wireframe refers to the general outline of the landing page’s design, rather it is the skeleton of your entire landing page.

These could basically be sketches that are on paper showing how random elements are arranged on your landing page.

This is important because a wireframe gives you a solid place to start from before you get to the actual designing of your landing page.

Consider Colours


Finally, as you create your landing page ensure that you use the right blend of colours as well as colour types.

There are a couple of must-have on your event landing page

An Outstanding Headline


The headline is placed right at the top. As such it should be the most attractive element in your landing page because it is obvious no viewer will bother to read your content if your headline is not enticing.

Your headline should address the needs of your target audience and it should be hard to miss.



Generally, humans are visual creatures as such they relate more to pages that have pictures. Ensure that you include just the right pictures or videos related to the event.

Responsive Design


The responsive rate of your landing page should be excellent. Your landing page needs to be optimized for viewing even on any mobile device simply because viewers prefer using smartphones or tablets to surf.

Tracking Conversions


A successful landing page must have a conversion tracking system that is quite effective. It is hard to get a landing page right the first time, so with taste and preferences constantly changing, all you can do is adopt.

Regularly check the conversion rate of your landing page in order to adapt. Check that all who visit your landing page actually register for your event.

Split Testing Your Event Landing Page

Event Landing Page

It is better to have two or more landing pages so that you are able to test both and see which one works best.

This test can either be performed on certain page elements or on your entire landing page to help determine which one gives you better results.

You might as well build about two landing pages to determine which one gives a better result.

There are mistakes you need to avoid on your landing page:

Avoid Too Much Clutter


Most landing pages make the mistake of cramming too much info that it becomes irrelevant. It is quite frustrating for a viewer having to read through content and not getting anything useful, this will cause them to go away.

As such make sure you upload the most relevant bits of info.

Avoid Too Many Call-To-Actions


Having too many call-to-actions can be quite confusing. Even when they lead to the same destination, the viewer might get overwhelmed. It also tends to look very unprofessional.

Using pre-made templates by Lander will save you time and you will have access to the necessary tools you need to ensure that you create a stunning event landing page to make your event a success.

Your event landing page is meant to convert your visitors into confirmed attendees. How do you do that?

Matters Regarding Design


A good design should leave positive impressions, increase conversions to attendees and boost the trust of your visitors.

Make Your Event Landing Page About Your Visitors


Instead of monopolizing your page to be based on your company profile, mainly focus on the needs of your events future attendees. Show on it how they should be interested in this event and its impacts.

Include A Vibrant Call To Action

Event Landing Page

Your event landing page is supposed to have a clear and concise CTA button which should be directive enough to show visitors where it is on your landing page that they can take action such as a signup form.

Ensure You Include A Powerful Sign-Up Form


On your event landing page, it’s important to have a sign-up form. It is an effective inbound marketing tactic that offers your visitors a hustle free registration. It is also quite an effective marketing strategy.

Be Direct


Most people have very limited patience. Regardless of how well written your page is, if it has too much wording, then it is irrelevant because who exactly wants to sieve through a thousand words looking for a particular piece.

Clearly state:

• The specific details of your event

• Highlight the value of your event like how beneficial it will to be to your attendees.



Generally, the success of your event landing page varies from one event to another and is dependent on your audience.

Creating an outstanding event landing page which generates a targeted number of leads is not impossible; it is all about good building strategy and making use of professional landing page creators who understand the importance of marketing both online and offline and know how to design what you want.

We have a collection of event landing page templates for you to pick from, visit our website and have a look at our well-priced template ready to be customised for your event. In any case, no two events are ever the same.