Email Marketing CTA

10 Best Practices of Email Marketing CTA That Drives Conversions

Calls to Action are marketing elements which are placed in an email so as to encourage the subscribers to take an action during an email campaign. An email marketing CTA will help to increase your rate of conversion as a business and thus increase the amount of revenue that you receive.

An effective email marketing CTA should be well designed, specific, persuasive, and also in line with the rest of the sales funnel.

When you personalize the CTA for the subscriber then he/she is more likely to click on it. There are a number of ways in which you can make your CTA more effective.

We are going to give you tips that will help you in this task on how to create a successful Email Marketing CTA.

1. Email Marketing CTA: Eye-Catching Design


You have to make your CTA attractive enough so that the subscribers are compelled to click it. You should implement color contrasting so as to make the CTA button stand out from the rest of the page.

You should also make sure that the CTA you create for your email is large enough to stand out from the rest of the content on your email campaign and be easily seen by your subscribers.

Use a font that is large enough and bold to stand out from the rest of the text in the email. This will help to increase the number of click-through rates for your CTA and email campaign in general.

2. Email Marketing CTA: Use A Copy That Is Persuasive


Make sure that the copy of your email campaign is persuasive enough to make the subscribers want to click your CTA button.

It is important that you write your copy using simple language that your subscribers can understand despite their professional and educational background.

Ensure that the language you use is specific enough to what the subscriber will get when they click on your CTA.

3. Email Marketing CTA: Be Specific About The Value Of Your Offer


Your subscribers want to know what they will get when they click on you CTA right off the bat because they are very busy and cannot start guessing what value they will get from clicking the Call to Action button. This will help to motivate the subscribers to take action.

4. Email Marketing CTA: Do Not Trap Your CTA In An Image


Email Marketing CTA


There is something that you should always remember when it comes to email campaigns, most of the times images are hidden and thus if you put your CTA in an image the recipient of the email may not know what you want them to do because the CTA will also be hidden.

Even if you add text to the graphic CTA in title text behind the image it still won’t be compelling enough to entice the email recipient to click on it and thus the need to stick to text links for your email campaigns.

In the event that your brand requires you to use graphical CTAs, it’s important for you as the designer of the campaign to add a prominent text link right beside it so that if the images are hidden on the subscriber’s email he/she will still get to know what you would like him/her to do on the email you sent.

5. Email Marketing CTA: Reduce The Number Of Calls To Action


If you give your subscribers too many decisions to make they may feel overwhelmed and decide to not do anything at all.

Ensure that your requests for action are limited to the minimum preferably one. It is better that you get one click through than to get none at all.

Too many CTAs are very distracting and thus the user may not see what the main agenda of the email campaign was and thus would not click on any of the Calls to Action that you had included on the email.

6. Email Marketing CTA: Keep The Email Call To Action


Email Marketing CTA


It is important that as much as you want your email campaign to be professional you make sure that you do not use business jargon that people cannot easily understand unless they also work within the same industry.

It is important that you prevent the subscribers from having to think too hard about what you would like them to do as this will make you very unappealing.

Always keep in mind that the Call to Action is not a place to play around with interesting words but you should instead utilize the most powerful but easily understood words that will help you to guide the subscriber to click the CTA.

7. Email Marketing CTA: Make The Call To Action An Obvious Link


When you make your Call to Action a link that the recipient can see it will improve the chances of him/her clicking on it.

If you cannot make your link a blue font and underlined then just ensure that it is an underlined font.

If you want the link to be obvious to all the subscribers, even those who are just scanning through the email, then please do not use a mouse-over effect to make the underlined font appear on your link- make the link clear.

8. Email Marketing CTA: Segment And Tailor Your Email CTA


When you have a large email list that has been segmented then you should also segment your CTA so as to get the best results from your email campaigns.

If you are able to make your CTA more personal for each demographic that you have, the more likely they are to click on it.

You can tailor you Calls to Action using any criteria that are available to you as a brand; this will improve the performance of your CTA and also the performance of your email marketing campaign in general.

9. Email Marketing CTA: Personalize The Email Call To Action


When you use variables to make your CTA more personalized it can really improve the performance of your email campaign.

You can even incorporate the name of the email recipient in the CTA custom made for him/her but don’t sound as if you are spying on your subscribers.

When you use a personalized email as well as a personalized Call to Action then the performance of your campaign will also be improved.

10. Email Marketing CTA: Use The What, Why, How Rule


This will really help you know what you should write in your Call to Action. This rule will help you tell the users what they should do, why they should do it and how they should go about doing it.

Just make sure that you keep the email Call to Action short and simple while making sure that you clearly pass all three points.

All subscribers will be able to understand this process and know what they need to do, to benefit from the offer.

11. Above-the-fold Call to Action


When coming up with your email campaign always make sure that you have at least one Call to Action above the fold.

This will ensure that even if the users do not scroll down your email they are able to see what you would like them to do.

This will improve your click-through rate and thus also improve the performance of your email campaign.

These are the basics you need for an effective email marketing call to action; incorporate them to boost your conversion and revenue.