Copywriting Headlines

The Key Basics for Effective Copywriting Headlines

Copywriting headlines Here we are going to discuss how to create copy write headlines that are sure to increase your business.

As you well know by now, the headline of any advertisement is what determines whether it will get the attention of the prospect or not.

We will insights into what it takes to create captivating copywriting headlines which will ensure that you capture the attention of your audience.

An interesting and non-conventional advertisement is more likely to capture the attention of a reader and convince him or her to check it out as compared to a conventional one. Do something different.

The Format for a Slippery Slope Template


The following is the format that your template should have if you want it to be the slippery slope that your audience is in that sucks them in and makes them continue reading.

• The headline should be big enough to capture the user’s attention

• You should use a relevant image

• The copy should relate to the headline that you have used

Headlines are very important to every business which has ventured into the online market.

If you want to do a startup it is even more vital if you would like to avoid a lot of failed ideas.

You should pay a lot of attention to how people react to the headline of what you are actually building as this will help you know what headline actually resonates with your target audience.

Examples of Copywriting Headlines


Here we will look at some of the ads that were able to use their headlines effectively so as to get people to click on them. Some of these ads may even be considered cliché but they are great at what they do.

Zero To Launch

This ad was created by Ramit Sethi. The ad has a very powerful headline that captures your attention right away.

The headline is meant to trigger immediate reactions from people who feel trapped by their jobs.

The first part of the page is created in a way that makes the user want to continue reading and find out what the rest of the page has to offer.

John Caples ad

This ad was created back in the 1920’s by John Caples. Very many people identified with this ad and that made it quite famous. The ad has an amazing combination of picture and headline that draws a person in immediately.

Personal Sounding Headlines


When sending email ads, it may be extremely beneficial to use personal sounding headlines.

This will make each recipient of the email Ad feel special as they will feel like the email was written specifically for him/her.

The secret to achieving this is to use subject lines that sound as if you are sending them to your best friend.

You should also avoid capitalizing too many words if you want them to appear more personal but still retain case sensitivity.

If you use a personal sounding email copy you should also use personal sounding subject lines so as to make the campaign more successful.

How to Write Copywriting Headlines that Sell and Get Results

Copywriting Headlines

It is important to always keep in mind that the main job of your headline is to sell what you are advertising. Every word and graphic you use in your ad copy should sell your brand.

The following tips will guide you through the process of creating an effective headline that sells your brand:

1. Make the Headline Relevant


Most marketing professionals make the mistake of trying to get visitors to click no matter what.

They end up using gimmicks to get people to click such as “Do NOT click this button” which would probably get 99% of the traffic to click on the ad but most of them will not actually make a purchase.

This is so because the wording they have used is not relevant and thus does not attract the right people who would actually be interested in the brand being advertised. The marketer, if selling shoes, should instead use “Do-NOT-click-this-button-shoes”.

This may get fewer clicks than the first example but they would be of higher quality as only those people interested in shoes will click on the ad.

2. The Copywriting Headline Should Speak to a Target Audience

Copywriting Headlines

It is important in this era of online business and PPC ads we need to filter out the uninterested users.

You can do this by making your headline speak to a specific group of internet users who are more likely to purchase your product or service. This will save you a lot of time and money and also increase your sales.

Methods of Writing Great Headlines

The Brain Dump Method


In this method, all you need to do is write a number of subject lines and then start filling them in with varying ideas of the same thing.

Some of the subject lines that you come up with may not be great but they will go on getting better. The headlines you come up with will only prove their worth once they are tested.

Steal from Amazon Method


As a copywriter, you can utilize Amazon to make your job a little easier. There are millions of down-voted and up-voted reviews on Amazon that you can use to check for products similar to the one you have.

You can borrow ideas from the headlines that got up-voted for products similar to yours and create a headline that will be sure to perform great. This will save you a lot of time on having to test all your headlines.

Socially Proven Method


This is another shortcut for copywriters to come up with amazing headlines. All you have to do is browse social sites and look for great copywriting headlines. It is important to visit at least 3 sites for better results.

The headline ideas that you will get from this exercise have already been socially proven to be effective in grabbing users’ attention. This will save you a lot of time and effort in having to test different random ideas.

Writing Through Lenses


The following is a breakdown of the lenses we are talking about:

1. Competitive Lens

The tone here should be aggressive with an A-type personality. The headlines here should show dominance and power over all your competitors. These types of headlines will resonate more with men than women.

2. Benefit-driven Lens

Here you should communicate what the user stands to gain by using your product. These types of headlines appeal to rational minded people, analytical people, and methodical people. You should incorporate testimonials, comparisons, and statistics.

3. Inspirational Lens

Here you will want to show users what is possible for them if they choose to use your product.

You can also share a story which is personal or that happened to someone else to help your audience learn from analogy and get them thinking that they could do it too.



It is clear that coming up with the best copywriting headlines is very important when it comes to taking your business to the next level.

You can choose to create your own headline or have the Lander team do it for you. Lander has the most qualified copywriting professionals on the market to assist you.