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5 Hot Tips for Designing E-Commerce Landing Pages

Landing pages can be broadly grouped into two major categories, lead generation landing pages and e-commerce landing pages. While lead generation landing pages aim to get client contact info, ecommerce landing pages are to convince visitors to purchase your product(s).

Due to their more direct approach, careful consideration is key on ecommerce landing pages in order to captivate your visitors’ attention and convince them to purchase the products that you are promoting.

So, how do you convert your ecommerce landing page visitors into clients? Here are five tips.

  1. Ecommerce Landing Pages: Powerful Tag Line

Your landing page needs to immediately capture the attention of your visitors, and communicate what your product is. The best way to do so is by having a powerful tag line that describes your product.

It should further communicates the value that the customer will get by purchasing it. They key to achieving this is to have a clear understanding of the customer that you are targeting.

This is not a new concept to marketing. Market research has been one of the cornerstones of marketing theory for centuries. If you know the needs of the market segment that you target, you can customize a tagline to appeal them.

ecommerce Landing Pages

The death wish landing page above is a good illustration of an effective marketing tag line. The company is targeting ‘hard core’ coffee enthusiasts and their tag line is “buy the world’s STRONGEST coffee”.

Without reading the rest of the content, the visitor immediately understands what is on offer. This guides them to make a decision on whether the product appeals to them.

  1. Ecommerce Landing Pages: Offer discounts 

One of the most effective promotional tools you can use in your ecommerce landing pages is to maximize the customers’ value by offering discounts. Almost universally, conversion rates increase when you offer discounts.

If the market price for your product is $50, you will attract more clients by offering a 10% discount than if you simply offered it at $45.

ecommerce Landing Pages

While discounts are effective, you can use other promotional offers to appeal visitors to purchase your product(s). Offering free trials, having a buy-one-get-one-free promotion or offering additional extras (such as free customer service or additional product features).

  1. Ecommerce Landing Pages: Images of your product

Your visitors need to see what differentiates your product from competing offerings. The best way to do so is by having a clear, close-up photo of your product.

If your landing page visitors can clearly see what they would get with purchase, they are more likely to respond to your call to action.

An advantage of having a clear photo of your product is you can minimize the amount of written content to describe your product. The example below of the TYME hair iron is a good illustration of how you can present your photo prominently on your ecommerce landing pages.

ecommerce Landing Pages

 The cliché ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ applies best to ecommerce landing pages.

  1. Ecommerce Landing Pages: Support staff chat function

There is an amount limit of content that you can include on your ecommerce landing pages. This means that you cannot appeal to all the queries from your potential clients simply by the content you provide on your page.

Some visitors may have an interest in your product but not address their inquiries directly on your landing page. The best way to address the questions that may still linger in the minds of your visitors is to include a chat function that links them directly to your support staff.

A quick chat with your representatives might provide the ‘final push’ to convert your landing page visitors into valuable clients.

  1. Ecommerce Landing Pages: Customer Reviews

Products with positive reviews from other users attract buyers. This is especially true for internet businesses which do not provide a client with the opportunity to physically review a product before purchase.

Research has shown that the presence of customer reviews has a profound positive impact on landing page conversion rates.

ecommerce Landing Pages

As the info-graphic shows, the more reviews you have, the higher your conversion rates. Clients can detect fake positive reviews; therefore, you should use genuine feedback. Customer reviews add to the overall credibility of your product in the mind of landing page visitors.

While there are numerous strategies that can be implemented to increase the effectiveness of your ecommerce landing pages, the five tips provided here are a good starting point towards increasing the profitability of your internet business.

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