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3 Beautiful Ecommerce Landing Pages Examples

As humans, we are predominantly visual creatures, meaning that “wrappers in which things come not only powerfully affecting what interests us but also how we react to the content we find inside.”

We can’t help but judge books by their covers, food by its appearance, and, most importantly, brands by their landing pages.

Unfortunately, ecommerce landing pages represent a very neglected but increasingly crucial brand wrapper -- a key initial impression and touch point for many new shoppers.

Given below are some of the best examples for e-commerce landing pages:

Ecommerce Landing Pages Examples #1: Kettle and Fire

Ecommerce Landing Pages


This stand-alone landing page doesn’t contain anything shockingly terrible, but its highs and lows do offer some potent lessons for eCommerce landing pages.

The rest of the page obeys the golden rule of eCommerce landing pages i.e. landing page messaging focused on a single purpose. It has one CTA — a discount — that’s repeated multiple times.

The CTAs build on one another the farther down the page you go, ultimately culminating in a “Click Here to Buy Now” button for visitors who are ready to purchase.

Likewise, each button leads directly to the same multi-step opt-in process that immediately delivers the promised discount (instead of forcing users to retrieve it from their inbox later).

Having different CTAs on one page is a conversion stopper is not included in the best examples of ecommerce landing pages.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have multiple buttons as long as they all have the same conversion goal.

And, the testimonial is phenomenal. The supplemental testimonials that head it off should be placed into their own section.

But for anyone wondering about the broth itself, the questions address common objections in everyday language. For audiences that need education about your product, writing body copy without jargon is a must.

Ecommerce Landing Pages Examples #2: Blackmagic Cinema Cameras


Ecommerce Landing Pages



Blackmagic Cinema Cameras has a truly beautiful landing-page-meets-product hybrid. That’s fitting because its product is designed specifically for an aesthetically savvy audience. Two elements stand out as huge wins.

First, the page is a visual feast. It’s filled with no-fewer than eight high-quality images of the product itself, both in action and from multiple up-close angles.

This is one of the best examples of eCommerce landing pages. This also leaves no room to doubt what the camera looks like up close, and you can almost feel what it would be like to touch it in person.

In addition, the non-product images evoke the photographer’s imagination, putting them in the hero position, behind the scenes.

Second, the subheads and copy throughout scream expertise. The copy certainly borders on being feature-focused rather than benefit-focused, but the images nail the emotional question of “What’s in it for me?” leaving the text free to hit technical point after technical point.

This approach works because the product is tailored to a professional-level market.

Ecommerce Landing Pages Examples #3: Milk-Bone


Ecommerce Landing Pages


While you might not expect to see a top-notch ecommerce landing page from a dog treat company, that’s exactly what Milk-Bone’s Brushing Chews offers. None of the usual conversion-killing distractions exist.

No navigation bar at the top. No “safety” CTAs. No social media icons. Not even a clickable logo to take you back to its homepage. Instead, the one thing you can do on the page is the one thing they want you to do: Print the coupon — an invitation that’s repeated four times.

The headline, subheads and copy are brilliant; they’re direct, playful and clear. Plus, they hit the problem right on the head: How to care for your dog’s teeth when they won’t allow you to brush them.

The visuals on the page reinforce this loving relationship, featuring owners with their dogs. Plus, two play on the whole brushing-without-brushing concept.

The Veterinary Oral Health Council Seal of Acceptance midway through addresses the question, “Why should I believe your claims?” Including trust logos and endorsements is a persuasive tactic.

Rather than asking your audience to take your word for it, you instead rely on instantly trustworthy third parties.



The truth is, your own ecommerce landing pages don’t have to be shockingly terrible to fail.

All it takes is undercutting your credibility, breaking down at key moments, or forcing your visitor to sign up for more than they expected. If the above examples for best landing pages for e-commerce teach us anything, it’s that even great landing pages can be better.

Asking for too much, too soon stops conversions in their tracks. Instead, stick to one goal per page, lead your audience through the buying funnel.

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