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6 Examples of Authoritative Ecommerce Landing Pages

The main purpose of ecommerce landing pages is to convert the web visitors to customers. Its purpose is simple though designing a perfect and successful landing page need creative testing and perfect planning.

The landing page doesn’t have a specific way of construction. Therefore it only depends on one’s creativity. 

It is a good idea to look at other landing pages, even from different industries, for inspiration, insights, and to learn how to design the right one for your business. Here are examples of great landing pages:

Ecommerce Landing Pages #1: Edupath


The main landing page target audience of Edupath is students and their parents. It has a unit which advises parents on to help their children with S.A.T. preparation and college application. The unit below is a sample of Edupath.

Ecommerce Landing Pages


Parents get a link to download the Edupath app when they fill information such as email address, name, and mobile number of their children. People at Edupath are smart enough to know that students can do anything their parents ask them.

Therefore students can do anything as far as it not surrendering their phones. This landing page has an easy clicking process. The conversion path is very intelligent and supportive for parents to more apps on their teenagers

Ecommerce Landing Pages #2: Poached

Ecommerce Landing Pages


People have never been as culturally food-obsessed as are in this period in history. With the emergence of Poached, people with food-obsession have been given a B2B platform where culinary talent and proprietors are connected.  

When you visit the website it very simple, you choose either “post a job” or ‘choose a city”. After selecting, you are taken to a basic form in order to create an account or login into existing account.

It has comprehensive information and is attractively colorful and a list of jobs in every city will be provided for you as you select.

Ecommerce Landing Pages #3: Startup Institute


Ecommerce Landing Pages

When people are submitting their personal information, everyone wants to know what they will get in return. Startup Institute provides the visitors with Q&A clearly indicating to them what will happen after they have applied.

Startup Institute provides expectations upfront to people who hesitate to fill the form. It the best the way to clear the air for people who aren’t serious about your products or service.

Ecommerce Landing Pages #4: Muck Rack


Ecommerce Landing Pages


It is a landing page design which is user interactive, descriptive, visually appealing, and a scalable header with Muck Rack services. It even provides an industrial professional quote as social proof.

Its' page is usually easy and intuitive for visitors to navigate. The ability of Muck Rack landing page to appeal to its two audiences makes it one of the best. It is divided into two sections providing the two services they are offering side by side.

Once the user points to one of the services, a simple form appears. Users fill the form for the required service.

Ecommerce Landing Pages #5: Lyft


Ecommerce Landing Pages

This is a simple landing page for drivers to apply for a job and make money easily.  Drivers are provided with a form where they input their current city and hours they are willing to work for Lyft per week.

The system calculates for them how much they are expected to make. After the calculation, they are taken to a new page where they see the amount in dollars followed by an action button for them to apply for the job.

The system also gives them two paths where they can choose whether to take the job or wait for them to make a decision.

Ecommerce Landing Pages


It is difficult to make a homepage to be the landing page, especially when catering for many different audience types. However, the Khan Academy homepage makes it easy to cater to the different audiences and performs those services faster.  

The design of the page is for three main types of visitors. People who want to learn, who want to teach others, and parents who use it for their children.

With Khan Academy, you can learn anything. The other part of the page design is for people who don't have experience or knowledge in the Khan Academy.

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Landing out...


These are 6 great e-commerce landing pages which should give you insights and very good ideas of how to make an effective landing page to market your products or services.

Add what you learn from these examples to the unique aspects of your business and landing page for a great hybrid.