ECommerce Landing Pages

ECommerce Landing Pages: Tips to Nail Performance

After analyzing billions of impressions, with the people-based approach to landing page optimization, it has been found that brands see a 10-15% lift in conversion rate, on an average.

Ecommerce landing pages can play an important role in motivating traffic to continue engaging with your brand and ultimately convincing them to make a purchase.

Basically, a landing page is a standalone webpage targeted to a specific cohort of your traffic. It's main aim is to provide a more relevant experience. This achieves the ultimate objective of driving that cohort toward conversion.

Landing pages represent the tool through which brands can adapt to the user in question, creating relevant and positive-impression making experiences for each of the individuals engaging with your brand.

The following steps will lead you to build ECommerce landing pages that will absolutely nail it:

ECommerce landing pages: Feature High Quality Images


ECommerce Landing Pages

Your product images can make or break your e-commerce conversion rates. People like to see things before they buy them. But when shopping online, one can’t hold or feel a product, all one can really do is look at it.

So to make up for these shortcomings one needs to work really hard on making sure the product images rock. Various companies saw almost 9.46% increase in sales when they used the larger product images.

Try testing bigger product images on your category and single product pages.

ECommerce landing pages: User-Submitted Reviews


According to Marketing Land, 90% of customers say buying decisions are influenced by online reviews. And 88% of customers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

So it’s really important to test how adding reviews to the product pages affects your conversion rates. If the reviews are in-line alongside your products, the visitor doesn’t even need to leave your page to go looking for reviews around the web.

ECommerce landing pages: Use Wish Lists


ECommerce Landing Pages

Incorporating wishlists or “want” buttons helps customers remember a product they liked but couldn’t buy straight away. For example, Shopify offers an app for the Want button.

It post to people’s Facebook timelines too and drive more social traffic to your store. The traffic is also primed for conversions as people love to buy what their friends recommend.

ECommerce landing pages: Display Out-of-Stock Products


In a case study, the group leveraged a mixture of transactional emails and segmented email lists to increase sales and conversions.

The first step was to show out of stock products with the option to get notified when they were back in stock. This added the lead to a per-product lead email list.

When the products were back in stock the lead email list got sent a transactional “back in stock” email, inviting them to return to the store and checkout

ECommerce landing pages: Effective Personalization


ECommerce Landing Pages

We all know recommending related products is a great way to increase your average basket value and conversion rates. But to take your selling to the next level, you can add personalization to your recommendations.

A/B test using personalized product recommendations to increase your average basket value and conversion rates. Doing so will make your page the best eCommerce landing pages out there.

ECommerce landing pages: Show Expected Delivery Dates


In the age of 30-minute drone deliveries, customer doesn’t expect to wait long for the products. An info-graphic from Milo demonstrated that visitors are much more likely to abandon the sales funnel if they have to wait days for delivery.

When asked what would encourage them to complete their purchase, 60% of respondents said a guaranteed delivery date.

Test adding expected delivery dates to your product pages or offer guaranteed delivery dates and displaying them in-line alongside your product.

All of these recommendations can be summed up pretty simply: be clear about what action you want the visitor to take and make it as easy and compelling as possible for them to take it.

You, too, will soon have the best ECommerce Landing pages among your competitors. And an important point, don't forget to test your page!