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4 Ways to Create an Effective eCommerce Landing Page – Part 2

More often Marketers are bound to make mistakes when creating  a high converting ecommerce landing page. We elaborated some tips on our  Part 1 of ecommerce landing page in creating high quality, effective conversion for your products.

We have outlined  more tips that will help you create an ecommerce landing page that will boost your conversion rate.

The Call To Action Must be Clear

The CTA is what you want your visitors to do. Shop Now. Try It , Sign Up, Watch The Video, etc. It can be anything you want your visitors to do since It is the conversion goal. Remember , there should be only one CTA per page and even if there are multiple buttons .

Tips to Create Effective Ecommerce Landing Page -Part 2

All which  should have the same conversion goal and  lead to the same page. It is also crucial for the CTA to be clear and visually  a stand out. Your visitors should be able to tell in an instant what they are supposed to do on a given page.

If you think they will figure out themselves, you are wrong. The more time they spend in your ecommerce landing page figuring what to do next, the higher chances of you losing a valuable lead.

Give An Enticing Offer To Lure Your Visitors

Tips to Create Effective Ecommerce Landing Page -Part 2

E-Commerce landing pages that give an offer always converts better than those that don’t. An offer is anything you give in exchange for getting your visitors to do what you want. It can be anything from traditional coupons and discounts to a free trial, free consultation,or even some whitepaper.

 To make your offer even more effective in spurring a response, try pairing it with a deadline to create a sense of urgency.

Narrow Your Focus

Instead of delving into your company philosophy and telling unnecessary stories, keep the copy of the page short, brief and straight to the point. By keeping the focus narrow, you will improve the attention ratio and avoid distracting your visitors.

If you have got a form on the page, keep it as short as possible. Although form length is something you should test with both short and long forms. Many studies have shown that pages that ask for the bare minimum convert better.

Give Them A Reason To Convert

A zero information about your product or the purpose of your website will never convert your visitors to leads. Even if you are asking for only an email address, few people will indicate that if they don’t know what they get in return.


Tips to Create Effective Ecommerce Landing Page -Part 2
To convert visitors, you have to give them  a solid and appealing goal . You have to give them a list of reasons they should convert as well as  benefits they get by converting. However, it shouldn’t be an exhaustive list. They don’t want to see your product manual on the first page.

A visitor in your site is looks for:

- Features: a list of cool things about your product.

- Benefits: how the product will help them.

- Pain points: how your product will solve their problems.

When describing these points, use bullets to make the page a friendly one. You can also try using icons or images with your bullets to bring attention and make them more visually appealing.

There is a lot that goes in an effective, high quality ecommerce landing page that converts. Apart from following the above tips, keep doing split testing to find out in real what works best for you.