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9 Tips to Create a Perfect Ecommerce Landing Page

When it comes to leading your own online store, there is nothing more important that appropriate product promoting.

The one is essential – having a powerful and great website that provides a lot of useful information about products and services we’re selling.

But if we want to be successful, we should invest some time and money with something which is able to generate even more leads and salesbeautiful landing page.

Below are 9 tips to create a perfect eCommerce landing page and some great add on’s to help you turn those visitors into customers:

1. Trust, Encouragement, Reward, Loyalty and Satisfaction


When a user lands on a site, it’s of the most importance that they feel they can trust you.

“Would you purchase a product online costing more than $1,000 without seeing it first, if returns were free”.

You may not have any items of this value, but this shows the amount of trust consumers have these days in buying a product, if they know they can return it.

2. Keep it short


“Please press 1 for sales, 2 for accountant…”, people get easily impatient listening to such telephone line, so it’s no surprise that live chat has become the leading contact source for online shoppers.

A staggering 62% of online shoppers said they would purchase more products online if a live chat option was available.

Having inquiries answered by a live person during an online purchase is “one of the most important features a web site can offer.”

3. Be More Social


Ecommerce Landing Page


Sales directly through social media increased by 202% from 2013 to 2014 and that figure only looks to rise in 2018. Especially since “Shopify” announced they were the first ecommerce platform to allow users to sell on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

Don’t have the budget for a marketing department? Let your customers become your advertisers by adding a tool like “Add this” to your Shopify page.

4. Don’t use DIY photos


The product image is the be all and end all of your page. You get this wrong and you’re finished.
People tend to want to do it themselves and you can’t substitute that for a professional photographer.

Incorporating video is an ever increasing popular method to increasing sales. This is one of the most important among the 9 tips to create a perfect eCommerce landing page.

5. Leave Some Breadcrumbs


In 2014 Shopify reported that 33% of all purchases from their platform were via mobile. Therefore making sure your desktop site design translates into mobile is of the utmost importance.

As for other elements, a breadcrumb trail is essential to your navigation design. Also dropping down bars where possible, is a great way of keeping your site looking clean.

 6. Watch Your Language!


Ecommerce Landing Page


The biggest mistake that people make is not explaining why the customer needs the product.
Just by simply explaining the specification isn’t enough, talk to them like humans.

You need to be an open book and explaining shipping charges on page is essential as nobody likes nasty surprises.

The biggest cause of cart deletions is unexpected shipping costs or not offering eco-friendly delivery options.. Creating a sense of urgency is effective in getting people to purchase.

7. Support your objective!


If it’s about your content, then eCommerce landing page has one straightforward message to convey. It promotes the specified action and sticks to explaining the advantages of performing this action.

The design of the page must specialize in supporting this objective and nothing more.

8. Segregate Your Content


A eCommerce landing page, as its name might recommend, remains one single page. You’ll be able to divide it into separate sections however you must stick with only one page, short and as highly descriptive as it can be.

Headers, sub-headers, buttons and pictures got to represent the page’s message in an exceedingly powerful and effective approach. This is another one of the 9 tips to create perfect eCommerce landing pages.

9. Work on Your Visuals


Unless you’re designing on coming up with your eCommerce landing page from scratch, check that you’re employing a skilled landing page theme.

This can facilitate making sure that your record doesn’t solely look sensible, it’ll even have a robust visual hierarchy that instantly leads your guests specifically wherever you wish them most. That’s exactly what you want, isn’t it?

Start working on these steps today and you can find that just a small tweak here and there can make a massive difference.

If you take inspiration from these 9 tips to create a perfect eCommerce landing page, you’ll notice a massive boost in your conversion gain.