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How to Drive Your Instagram Followers to Your Landing Page

Instagram is not that popular social network to drive traffic from. Instagram is more used for branding and engagement.

But there are multiple ways to drive traffic to your landing page from the Instagram account.

There are few methods that are worth trying. Instagram doesn’t always need to be the social network to just post photos and videos on.

Here are some ideas that any brand could make use of.

Organize Contest With Hashtags

We all know that Instagram hashtags are the driving traffic force to your Instagram account.

So, one of the smartest ways to use all of their power is to organize Instagram contents and use the hashtags to get as many traffic and attention as possible.

The simple way to do it is to give cash or give cards awards to your followers. You should think of some creative, but popular name of the contest so you can use popular hashtags as well.

You can set up the contest through a software and pick relevant photos that will accompany the contest.

In order for users to win the award, ask for the people to share it with their friends in form of votes. The people with most votes will win the contest.

Visitors from Instagram will come to the landing page just to vote for the contest. Set up a box that will require from the users to leave their email when they vote.

Depending what you choose to advertise, tons of leads should arrive and you can use them as you want.

Create Compelling And Attractive Video

An attractive video with your business info and advertisement about your website url, will drive solid amount of traffic.

Especially, this is effective if you leave a link to your landing page in the description.

Video will capture the visitor’s attention and can visually explain your business and the benefit they will get on your landing page.

Always Create Exclusive Content

Your Instagram followers will never want to visit your official Instagram profile or website if you don’t offer them something unique.

This means that you need to always find a way to produce attractive content that will make them interested in clicking a link or visiting your profile where there is information about your business.

Exclusive and attractive content will not only attract more visitors to your landing page, but it will also increase engagement and improve your brand marketing.

Final Thoughts

Instagram is a hard social network to get traffic from, mostly because it doesn’t allow users to post links in the description of the images and videos.

However, through some different methods like organizing contests, posting photos and smart descriptions that will make them get to your landing page, or posting attractive videos and content that will make them link to your profile, are worthy tries.

They’ve worked pretty well for many other users. If you have solid followers base, be sure to try them!