How to Drive Customer Engagement

How to Drive Customer Engagement

Is very well know that capture a new customer is six times more expensive than retaining old one.

Still, there are plenty of companies where this maxim is not internalized and dedicate their entire sales force to attract new customers to the detriment of existing ones.

Hence customer satisfaction and loyalty run through parallel paths. Not surprisingly, perform a proper loyalty strategy it is not as simple as it seems at first glance.

To do this, we are going to provide ten keys to drive customer engagement and create a long-term relationship with your customers.

Keys to Drive Customer Engagement

1. Identify Your Customers

The heterogeneity in tastes and preferences of your customers, predominate when you need to identify the actions relevant to create loyalty. Therefore, your efforts should focus on offering personalized plans, in order to achieve personal satisfaction of each one of them.

2. Proactive Communication

If your customers contact you before you do it, maybe because it is too late. On the contrary, promote the creation of a dialogue that aims knowledge of satisfaction, strengthen the 'engagement' between company and customer.

3. Planning

Establish a schedule of actions depending on each client seems paramount in strengthening the business relationship.

4. Active Listening

Management of complaints and claims make the difference between brands.

A company that turns to its customers is a company that uses information of value to gain a competitive advantage over the rest and achieve growth.

In this way, meet the complaints is a litmus test, from which the business relationship can go considerably reinforced.

5. Surprise Them

Creating a vital atmosphere positively surprise your customers, even exceeding initial expectations.

6. Warm & Quality

Creating a scenario where to converge these two magnitudes will provide value to your company.

7. Internal Training

Participation of your employees is critical to relationships with your customers are satisfactory. Hence the importance copper internal training, in order to prevent mismanagement of a claim conducive leakage customers, dissatisfied with the treatment received.

8. Generate Switching Costs

In this sense, the emotional connection with your customers becomes essential. Confidence and treatment give your clients will provide value to your company, making it very difficult disassociate them your brand.

9. Providing a Continuous Flow of Value

Be condescending with your customers, meaning to provide personal details or tools for your business. Humanize your company and impact directly through CRM strategies (Customer Relationship Management) will make your business link out strengthened.

10. The Loyalty Card Has no Rigid Form

Contrary to popular belief, there are countless technological tools in order to create a solid relationship with your customers. Do not make the mistake of stalling on loyalty cards.