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The 7 Key Principles of Customer Value Creation

Customer value creation is the most important and crucial part of every business. Being the important part, it is also a difficult part to be implemented in the business.

The executives should develop a clear strategy for creating customer value as this plays a very important role in determining the market share price of the company.

Value has different meanings for different people. For customers, the value is the benefits of the products and for companies; the value is the satisfaction of the customers and the number of customers getting attached to them.

Customer value of a brand has become the deciding factor of the market share and shareholder value of every company and because of this reason companies are focusing more on creating customer value.

All the famous companies like Philips, Nokia, Disney, Wisconsin Energies etc. have accepted the fact that having a good customer value score has helped them to become more famous as more and more shareholders get attached with them because of the high score.

So, it is high time to get started with it. There are some important principles that need to be kept in mind in  customer value  creation. Let’s discuss the same:

1. Know the Value Driving Factor for Customers


Knowing about what the customers want and working on the same may help you attract more customers. This can be done via surveys, polls etc. It is important as you will be providing the customers exactly what they want.

2. Customer Value Creation is Applicable in all Fields


Customer value creation is applicable in all the fields like business, service, education, education etc. So, one should always focus on customer value creation as much as possible.

This is why it's imperative to have a method to execute on your strategy when it comes to creating your customer value. No matter the method you end up settling on, using some iteration of a Kanban board in the process will give more visibility and agility to your team overall.

3. Identification and Segmentation of the Customers


Customer Value Creation


Identification of the customers as per various demographic and geographical aspects is very important to clearly understand what a customer will benefit from your product or service.

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4. Know the Value Proposition


Understanding the need of customers and what you brand is offering to them is very important. A customer’s benefit is calculated excluding the purchasing cost.

Calculating this for your brand will help you develop something which is good for them. This in turn will create good customer value for the company.

5. Make the Right Decision


Customer value directly affects the reputation and profit of every company. So, having strong team alignment by planning and implementing the right strategy for achieving the same is very important.

The team should be clear in mind what they are going to focus in order to get connected with more and more customers and to get the best feedback from them.

6. Investment on the Most Valuable Customers


Customer Value Creation


Allocating some part of the profit to be invested on the valuable is a good way of creating customer value. This makes them happy and helps to retain them as well. Investing in this sector may help you attract more customers for a long term.

7. The best way for customer value creation is the values you hold within your organization. The values like integrity, honesty, loyalty etc.

if followed within the customers are definitely reflected during the dealings with customers as well. These are best things to create a good customer value.

The above-mentioned points were some of the necessary ways by which customer value can be created. So, after knowing the importance of customer value, one can benefit a lot if utilized effectively and to the fullest.