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Are You Using These Ways to Capture Customer Feedback?

Customer feedback is very important for the companies to grow. Feedback if utilized properly is something which can help a company to touch the skies. Every e-commerce owner knows the importance of customer feedback.

Feedback if taken positively can help a company to improve them and keep their customers happy. Customer feedback helps the businessmen know what their lacking points are and how to make them better.

So, every company should focus on collecting customer feedback in order to keep them happy and grow in this competitive world.

Before we start to explore the ways by which we can collect customer feedback, let us understand some of the points that need to be kept in mind and these are:

1. The channel that works best for your business

2. Readiness to make the changes as per the feedback

Now, once these are all clear about this, we can go ahead and take a look at some of the ways by which a company can collect customer feedback:

1. Surveys



Customer Feedback


One of the oldest form of collecting customer feedback still works the best. In this tech-savvy era, various softwares like Survey Monkey etc. are one among the top used survey software to ask questions from the customers.

There are some of the tips to be kept in mind to make a survey successful one:

o Keep it short and simple

o Ask open-ended questions

o Know the purpose

o Ask one question at a time

So, these are some of the ways following which a survey can be a successful one.

2. Usability Tests


Usability tests require a lot of planning but are worth. These tests allow you to analyze the business from different angles and work on the areas that are lagging behind.

One can chose a person to try the product and record his/her experience. This leads to the better understanding of the product and helps to make it better. Almost all the e-commerce companies go for this test to improve their services.

3. Feedback Forms


One of the easiest way to collect customer feedback is to attach a feedback form to the website. A well-planned and clean feedback form is the best way to capture the feedback form. Adding all the necessary questions to the form helps to capture the important things you want to know.

The number of questions should not be too much that the readers get bored. It should not be too short and should be attractive.

4. Comment Box


The latest way to collect customer feedback is through the comment boxes. These boxes can be added at the end of each page.

These don’t even irritate the customers and chances are more that the readers leave feedback. So, adding a comment box customized in the complimentary colors with the website is a good idea.

5. Feedback after Live Chat


Customer Feedback


The next option that can be useful to collect the customer feedback is to start a live chat option on the website. Once live chat is done with the customer, you can set a feedback form after it.

This form should include set of a few questions that are quick to be answered. One can collect feedback this way as well.

6. Regular Calls


Calling regularly to customers to know about their satisfaction level is a good way to collect feedback. By having verbal talks, one can get a better knowledge of what are customers are liking and what not.

This method includes all the prospective which get excluded in the written form. Hence, this practice should be adopted to have a clear idea about the customers’ likings and disliking’s.

These were some of the tried and tested ways by which a customer feedback can be regularly collected. We all know the importance of customer feedback for the growth of the company & should not delay in collecting the same.