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Essential CTA Design Techniques to Improve Conversions

Your CTA or call-to-action is the best closer you can have in e-commerce. You have to ensure that your CTA is sharp enough so as to command a conversion. This article will give you tips on some innovative CTA designs and techniques to help you out in creating your own call-to-action.

  1. CTA Design: Mute Other Buttons

When you mute all the other secondary buttons such that when the user tries to click on them nothing happens, you help to suggest to the user to click the un-muted buttons which happen to be your CTA buttons.

There are multiple methods to mute a button which includes fading the secondary buttons using a lighter, less aggressive color or you can make all the secondary buttons ghosts thus making the non-muted buttons look more attractive thus enticing the user to click them.

  1. CTA Design: Explain What the CTA Button Does


CTA Design


Many people are very cautious when doing things on the internet due to security concerns and trust issues.

It is important to build trust in your users by clearly stating what will happen when they click your call-to-action button.

You have to utilize your lead-in text as usually there is not enough room to explain on your CTA button. The information should contain:

  • 1. Why they should click. Clearly, state the benefits the user will get from clicking.
  • 2. What happens after they click? Ensure you clearly answer this question to avoid suspicion and mistrust from the user.

Ensure that your information is brief and to the point as no user wants to go through a lot of irrelevant information.

  1. CTA Design: Place the CTA in the Proper Area on the Screen

The human sight patterns are quite predictable which makes the work of website designers a little easier.

With studies that have been done, designers are able to section off parts of the screen which work best for certain elements of a page.

Do not put your CTA as the first thing the visitor will see when they start reading the content on your page because at this stage the user is looking for information about your site.

Place the CTA at the center of your page or the right-hand side if your target audience usually read from left to write as they progress downwards on your page.

  1. CTA Design: The Size of Your CTA button Should Be Standard

The size of your CTA should be big enough to attract the attention of the user but not too big as to be oppressive. The following three reasons explain why:

  • More clickable area means less effort to activate
  • Bigger insinuates more importance
  • Bigger items are easier to see and attract more attention.

You should ensure that you strike the right balance for the size of your CTA as there are other ways to ensure it is noticed

  1. CTA Design: Contrast Colors


CTA Design


It is important to realize that each color has its opposite and when you pair the right opposite colors together, you make them appear more exuberant.

When you set the color of your CTA to be the opposite of the background color, you make your CTA stand out. You can use a color wheel to help in your selection.

  1. CTA Design: Limit Text to 5 Words

Users don’t like to be bombarded with text so you should limit the text on your CTA to 5 words. You can gently guide your user using the lead-in text.

Thanks for reading and success with your CTA!