Digital Advertising Trends

The Top Creative Digital Advertising Trends to Watch

Digital Advertising Trends: Digital promotion is on the rise. Brands can showcase their products on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The many options come along with stiff competition as each platform tries to outdo the other; they invent new and better digital advertising trends to attract many brands.

Companies are aware of this fact and are always looking for the digital advertising trends to grow their businesses. This article will focus on the latest trends that you should adopt.

The latest digital advertising trends include:

Digital Advertising Trends #1: Omni-Channel Marketing

Digital Advertising Trends

The number of purchasing tools that customers have access to have greatly changed their buying patterns.

Previously, if a customer wanted a product, they could only get it from the actual store. This was time-consuming and inconvenienced customers a lot.

Missing the product in one store meant going to the next store until you found it or abandon the search altogether.

This is a thing of the past now. Customers can access your store via the internet. They don’t have to come to the physical store.

They can buy your products from the comfort of their homes using their smartphones or laptops. You also don’t have to interact with them physically to make sales.

The process allows a seamless interaction between you and your customers. What more could be more time saving and convenient than this?

Digital Advertising Trends #2: Google AMP and ALP


Most mobile sites take more than 6.9 seconds to load. This is so much time to drive potential clients away from your page. Customers have a short attention span.

They are also busy with other stuff which they consider important. If they realize that your page takes ages to download, they will abandon the page as fast as possible. You don’t want this to happen. Do you?

To negate this and speed up the loading process, Google launched AMP project. The AMP allows you to design to build light pages that are quick to load. The different versions of the project include:

AMP HTML for example, custom tags

AMP JavaScript - This program is a lighter version of Java.

AMP CDN - This is an optional content delivery network. It allows you to store the reserved version of your website on Google. Your customers can easily access the cached website from Google servers.

Just make sure that you correctly design your pages using the AMP. Your customers can easily download and access them at the top of the SERPs.

3 Reasons you should AMPlify your Pages and Ads:


The AMP speedy experience does not actually translate to ads on landing pages. This is why Google upgraded the framework to allow you to create quick loading ads and landing pages.

Below are the reasons you should adopt the new framework for your brand:

• To guarantee your customers a positive experience and increase their conversion rates.

• To give your customers a new and improved experience, thus saving their time.

• To increase return on your investment by encouraging your visitors to come back to your page and take action.

Digital Advertising Trends #3: Many Landing Pages


Landing pages have gained popularity in the marketing world. Brands use the pages to offer a value to their customers in exchange for their time, resources or contacts depending on the goal of the campaign.

This makes the customers feel valued are they will be more than willing to participate in the campaign.

You need to understand your target audience and then find the most appropriate way to appeal to their emotions and needs.

The landing pages incorporate elements such as testimonials from previous clients, a strong headline and a powerful call to action. Visuals can also be a plus for the landing page as they increase memorability.

The pages help you to convert your customers into leads. The more landing pages you have, the more the lead generation rate.

After all, the main objective of your campaign should be making sales.

Digital Advertising Trends #4: Chatbots

Digital Advertising Trends

Chatbots increase your interaction with your customers. WhatsApp groups, WeChat and Facebook Messenger allow you to effectively and efficiently engage with your clients.

Most of your readers on Facebook are still in the decision-making process about your product.

They will most probably send inquiries about your products. The Messenger makes it possible to respond to their inquiries as quickly as possible.

You must also be aware that Facebook recently removed some restrictions on sending adverts via Chatbot. You should capitalize on the good news to increase awareness about your brand.

Digital Advertising Trends #5: Marketing Automation


Marketing automation tool is very important for the success of your business. Digital marketing requires you to be everywhere and keep track of all the activities during your marketing campaign.

The automation tool saves you time and makes it easy for your online marketing managers to have greater insights of the activities.

Below is how you can use automation to grow your brand:

• Use Autopilot to access the behavior of your potential clients and send them automatic emails based on their behavior.

• Divide your customers into segments for more personalized interaction using customer relationship management (CRM)

• Track the pages your followers have visited on your website using the free Google analytics platform.

Digital Advertising Trends #6: Remarketing Ads


Remarketing ads increase conversion rates and will lead to a higher return on your investment.

The technique can be annoying and irritating at times. Just make sure that you are using it effectively to reduce the cost of advertising.

Many people who visit your page are still in the decision process. Remarketing can be a great tool to convince them to come back to your page and take the required action.

Digital Advertising Trends #7: Outstream Video


This technique allows you to show video ads outside the original video player at the corners of your web page.

Before its launch, you could only run video before or after an original video player. You had to compete for placements and it was also impossible to monetize video ads.

Customers also had to watch your content before or after the video.

The technique is important because:

• It allows you to monetize your video ads.

• Gives you a wide audience reach. You can now reach your audience, outside, YouTube. You can also ensure that your audience watches the video. The Outstream ads will only play after a successful download.

• It gives the readers the option to ignore the ad if they wish to. Your audience may decide to click and watch the video or scroll past it and read your content.

Digital Advertising Trends #8: Audience Targeted Ads

Digital Advertising Trends

Brands now understand there is no single one fit it all approach for all their marketing campaigns. This makes it necessary for you to follow this trend to remain relevant in your industry.

You should determine your target market, access their needs, and tailor your ads to address these needs.

Giving your audience a promise and making sure that you deliver the promise earns you their trust.



Businesses are different and campaign goals are also different. Make sure that you do an extensive research when adopting the new trends in digital advertising so that you know which trend suits your goals the most.

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