Lead Generating Website

The Ultimate Guide To Creating A Lead Generating Website

It is general knowledge that a website needs to be optimized so as to generate more leads. A strategic approach should be taken by designers and marketers to ensure the lead generating website is functional.

Background of the Lead Generation Process


This is a process that begins with the click of a CTA button located on a page or post by a site visitor.

A CTA will then direct the visitor to a landing page that contains a form that will collect the visitors’ information.

Once the form filling is complete, and the information submitted, a thank you page will appear.

Marketing and website plans

Lead Generating Website Tip #1:  Marketing Goals


What are your intended accomplishments? These could vary from addition of leads to a database to their conversion.

The goals should be the main consideration throughout the design process for the site.

Lead Generating Website Tip #2:  Align Elements with the Identified Goals


If lead generation is the goal, sign up will be most crucial. Offers made on the site should, therefore, be in line with the action that needs to be taken so that the site goal is achieved.

Lead Generating Website Tip #3:  Trust Building


Lead Generating Website

Visitors need to trust you from the little that is available from the site. Visitors should have their queries and concerns addressed by the site rather than having a site that is self-centered.

Suitable and appealing content tends to help with the building of the site and followers as visitors are quick to recommend web content that has proven useful. Posted content should solve user problems.

Lead Generating Website Tip #4:  Authentic Marketing


Videos, images, content etc. on the site should remain authentic. It helps establish you as honest to the site visitors.

It also helps encourage positive placement of the site when it comes to search results.

Authenticity can be established and supported through the inclusion of social media updates, videos, and updated textual content. All web content should, therefore, remain real.

Lead Generating Website Tip #5:  Consider the Metrics


Analytics is the only way to determine how the current leads were generated. They help identify the elements of the page that are majorly responsible for the leads.

Analytics will help determine what has been of no use in generating leads, what needs modifications and the demographics of the site visitors who’ve been converted.

Identify the reasons why set goals have not been attained. Once the source of the problem is detected, correct accordingly.

Most hindrances to conversion can be corrected. If the intended results are not being attained, correct, check for any changes then measure to determine any other areas in need of adjustments.

Marketing is not complete with the proper functioning of the site but rather tends to be an ongoing process.

Adjustments, upgrades, minute modification etc. will need to be done to cater to the altering needs and trends that are displayed by a target audience.

Offer refreshments need to be done at least annually so as to maintain or increase visitors and conversions to a site.

Specific goals for the site will help ensure the desired results are gotten from the site in the long run.

A website can direct a visitor through awareness, interest, trust then action. This is in a standard conversion tunnel. It is functional when the page has been made particularly with this in mind.

Within the site, make use of the key phrases that were used to lure the visitor to the site in the first place. If the information proves useful, more visitors are likely to be attracted to the site. Useful information will encourage them to seek you out through emails, social media or any other internal links.

The content or posts should have a number of elements such as:

1. Keyword Focused Header


Include the main keyword within the header. A specific page is likely to result in an increased number of leads.

2. Featured Image


Content on a page can be made to look better-using images. Charts and diagrams can be included as well.

3. Sign up Emails with Descriptive CTA

4. Social Sharing Buttons

Lead Generating Website

Place them at the top and bottom of the content in a page. It will allow the visitors to the site to spread the message.

5. Include Details


The page should have some how-to content. Such content will place you on the expert level and help rank you better on search engines. The site will also be shared widely as a result.

Optimizing the Site


For lead generation, a site can be optimized in the following ways;

Know the Current State of Lead Generation


Knowing helps with the tracking of success before noting areas in need of improvement. Testing can be done by a number of tools that can carry out an evaluation while providing feedback on how content can be further improved.

Comparisons can be done for landing pages, both successful and unsuccessful. This helps determine what strategies that have been used for the successful ones can be implemented in those aren’t performing well enough. Internal reports can be generated to determine areas in need of adjustment.

Optimization of Steps Involved in Lead Generation


Offers advertised should be related to the page where they are placed so as to take advantage of a visitor’s interest in a certain subject.

A visitor’s conversion path that led to your site can always be tracked. The path can positively end with a conversion but at times a conversion does not happen. In such a case the conversion path can always be optimized.

An A/B test can always be done on a landing page to test 3 areas which are:

The CTA. It should contrast with the site and remain simple.

The landing page. In some cases, an increase in the number of landing pages has led to an increase in leads. Lander as a market leader is able to provide examples of great landing pages that will help with lead generating.

Thank you pages. This is the page a visitor is directed to once the form is complete and submitted. Every conversion should be appreciated.

A thank you page can be inclusive of a link allowing download of the page along with buttons that encourage social sharing.

CTA Personalization

Lead Generating Website

Each visitor to the site can be catered to differently through the use of dynamic content.

The buttons, images, products etc. will be in line with their interests based on the other sites they have shown an interest in.

A personalized approach is able to generate more conversion as compared to basic ones.



Tests such as A/B testing can greatly improve clickthrough rates.

Lead Nurturing

Lead Generating Website

Always place leads to the workflow as a reminder to the visitor. Include content that aligns with their interests as well. Nurturing of leads tends to begin with the use of follow up emails.

Interact with the subscriber so that you know more about them and find even more suitable products and services for them.



There are many factors to consider when it comes to a lead generating website. Visitors flow through the site can be difficult to predict but the proper combination of the outlined guidelines will lead to a noticeable impact on the site.