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10 Tips For Creating Engaging Webinar Title that Capture Audience

Great Webinar Title: Webinar serves a great purpose in generating leads. This is as a result of its ability to capture the attention of the audience during the presentation as well as giving great content.

A winning webinar title contributes a great deal to the success of the webinar. For this reason, allocating time to look at some great webinar title examples will not be a bad idea.

However, it is pointless putting so much effort into building an excellent webinar only to end up with poor registration ratings.

It will give the insights which you can use to develop your own webinar title. Webinars are normal activities for most B2B marketing companies but, most of these companies don’t get it right with webinar landing pages. The designs are not so enticing.

The truth is that it takes a professional to build the best webinar landing page. Lander is a leader in designing webinars; we have a great team that will help you to create an effective webinar for your business niche.

How to Ensure that your Webinar Makes a Good First Impression


A great first impression is important for any business. The title is the first thing that your visitors see when they visit your page.

Coining an attractive webinar title will allow you to give the desired impression and grab the attention of your audience as well as keeping them hooked to your page.

Below are the tips you should use to help you write a winning title:

1. Know your Audience

Webinar Title

Understanding the people who will be attending your webinar is essential in creating an attractive and useful title.

Information about your target audience, their interests, and problems as well as the level of professionalism will dictate your tone in the title.

The tone could either be humorous or witty, depending on your content and the relationship you have with your audience.

2. Turn your Webinar Title into a Provocative Question


Having a title that asks your audience a provocative question is almost a sure bet when coining a title for any webinar in the market.

Questions demands answers. The question-answer strategy will set the room for engagement with your audience and increase the chances of their conversions.

A question like “would you like to generate more leads for your business?” will gain you traffic, but not as much as an emotional provoking question like ‘’would you love to increase your lead generation by 100%?’’

3. Use Powerful Value-driven Verbs in the Webinar Title


Powerful verbs trigger the emotions of your audience. The blood of your audience will even pump a bit more if the words are valuable since you will be speaking with their emotions.

This will entice them to spare time to read your content to verify your claims. A webinar title like ‘’ boost returns on your investment by 150%’’ is powerful and triggers the right emotion.

4. Start with ‘How to’’

Webinar Title

If you intend to teach your audience how to do something, a title like ‘’how to create an effective landing page,’’ is great. You will be required to give several relevant examples and illustrations when writing the actual content.

5. Turn your Webinar Title into a Listicle


List based forms of content help you organize your information in a coherent way, thereby giving you more clicks.

6. Use Searchable Keywords in your Title


Use appropriate keywords in your title to make it easy for people to locate you through the search engine. Promoting your webinar online requires you to use a searchable webinar title.

Do background research on relevant and less used keywords and customize the words to be seductive for Facebook, Google or any other appropriate platform that your audience is using.

Understanding your audience, their interest and location will enable you to come up with the most appropriate keywords to increase your online visibility.

A title like ‘’ cheap houses in Florida’’ is appropriate for the audience who are looking for houses in the region.

7. Start with an Odd Number


Titles with odd numbers attract more audience than those with even numbers. Keep the odd numbers under 10 to make the title more effective.

“3 Ways to design an effective landing page title to attract the right audience and increase your online presence by 200%.”

This is a perfect example of a webinar title that will attract more traffic, raise their curiosity and encourage them to read or view your content.

8. Demonstrate the Values of the Webinar in your Title


Webinar Title

No matter how sweet or provocative your title is, it will never be complete without giving a promise to your audience.

You need to communicate to your audience about your offer and how this offer will help them in solving the problem they are facing.

Communicating the values of your offer as early as possible allows your audience to make informed decisions.

They are able to decide whether to read deep into your content and take the required call to action or to abandon your page. This way, they don’t have to waste their precious time on content that does not interest them.

Don’t give a vague, unspecific title with the assumption that your audience will just figure out what you are talking about and the values of your offer.

The title should be well articulated, specific, short and clear with a particular promise to your audience. ‘’Accelerate your sales up to 200% in 5 days,’’ Gives a promise and it has the potential of giving you decent traffic.

Remember to give a promise that addresses the interest, problems or needs of your audience for relevancy purposes.

Promising an increase in sales to the audience who are seeking for fitness solution is considered irrelevant.

9. Make timely Webinar Titles


The needs, interests, and problems of your audience are not constant. They change after sometimes.

You should always try to keep up with the trends by writing timely titles to remain relevant in your industry.

Timely titles are useful because:

• Using keywords about the current trends makes it possible to interact and redirect people who have searched similar words in their search engines. This ensures that you don’t leave out any potential traffic.

• The timely title gives a sense of urgency since the audience perceives it as a short-term offer. The urgency entices them to convert into leads as soon as possible. Just ensure that your content is great and coincides with the title.

10. Keep the Title Short and Clear


Time is a limited resource and no one wants to spend the whole hour trying to read and understand your title.

The attention span of people has also reduced. Writing a short and easy to understand title will grab the attention of your audience and reduce any irritation related to reading long and boring texts.

Shorter titles are also easy to search in the search engines. The recommended webinar title length is between 50-70 characters.



Practice makes perfect. You can also look the great webinar title examples from other market leaders in the industry and use them to get insights for creating your own title.

Always remember to A/B test the different title designs and settle on the one that gives you the most leads.