Facebook Landing Page

How to Create A Facebook Landing Page

Facebook Landing Page is a valuable tool to marketers for driving traffic to a page and converting online followers to customers.

It directs a visitor to take an action: to buy, to link, to sign up or to subscribe and is published within a Facebook page to a custom tab.

The importance of a Facebook Landing Page

• An invitation for a call to action on Facebook- fans are deliberately invited to like the page or to other action.
• Source of smart local content.

Facebook Landing Page
• Personalizes contact and deepens the connection with visitors for better engagement and interaction.
• It is the face of your business on Facebook and the first impression you give the potential customer; it gives customers a sense of how to perceive your business.

Creating a Facebook Landing Page


1. Pick your preference  

Do you want to design a fresh page from templates available, do you want to upload a created page or do you want to copy an existing page?


2. Pick a Facebook Landing Page template

Assuming you choose to use a template, there are six options to choose from:
• Lead gen template
• Webinar template
• Click through
• Mobile app
• Thank you


3. Customizing

Edit the template applying methods like changing the color, drag and drop elements, text editing and incorporate:

• A headline expressly stating your selling proposition to tell your guests what your business offers and what they stand to gain.

• Explain to your prospects the value of your offer to them- you may use a short video.

• Bullet points to explain the benefits of the offer you presented.

• Use testimonials to gain trust; include a success story of the product or service. The more personal the information the more it is trusted

• Use authorized badges to show that you are an expert and to serve as social proof of popularity.
• Compel you visitors into an action using words like “submit”, “download”

• Leave your contact information such as email address, phone number etc.
Complete by inserting a footer that will not be a distraction to your prospects i.e. terms and conditions.


4. Ensure it is mobile enabled

Navigate to the button on the upper left reading “Mobile”. A drop-down box should appear reading either “mobile enabled” or “mobile disabled”. If disabled, click on the enable button. Without the mobile version, you will not be able to publish it on Facebook.


5. Publish

Scroll to the upper-right corner of the page and click on the “Publish” button. You should see a box that asks where you want to publish the page; Click “Facebook”


Facebook Landing Page

6. Choose the page you want to add on your landing page

A box will appear, pick the page you want to add and click on “Add Page Tab”


7. Use a customized URL to promote your page

Once you have selected the page you want to publish on your land page, a URL link will be provided that will be used to direct people to it.


8. Complete the action by editing the custom tab on the landing page

Use video to explain why the landing page is important for them, to entice followers to visit.
A winning landing page requires:
•  catchy headline.
• Compelling offer.
•  brief description of what you are offering- use a video as a visual description for clarity.
• Promise not to violate trust i.e. include privacy policy



A Facebook Landing Page is important for boosting traffic to a page, for converting the leads and compelling actions for revenue generation.