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How to Create an Effective Service Landing Page

A landing page is a page you are directed to on a website that is specifically meant to promote a certain product or service.  While a home page design is to introduce visitors to a business generally, the service landing page is service specific.

A service landing page is therefore a page to promote a specific service.  It's design is in such a way that it provides minimal distractions to the client. Its focus is solely the service you want them to get from you.

In the online business environment we are in today, with a sophisticated and demanding customer and stiff competition, visibility, service delivery, and marketing requires an effective service landing page to compete.

Every service provider requires a well-designed and dedicated landing page for success and to drive revenue. Here are pointers to creating an effective service landing page for your business:

Where to use service landing pages


Service Landing Page

Your landing page is meant to increase your chances of conversion;   putting specific ads in your social media is a good place to begin.

Ensure that your ads lead to your landing page and not your home page and include your landing page URL in your author bio, especially if you are a guest author on someone’s blog so you can be easily found.  You should also ensure that your social media profiles have the links to your landing page.

Add your direct link to other offline marketing collateral for a wider reach and for more people to meet with your service.  You can use media such as print ads, business cards, flyers, brochures  and nowadays, it is quite easy to make a flyer, brochures, business cards, and other marketing collateral using various online tools.

Ensure that your landing page is as minimally designed as possible, with excluded header menu or sidebars to minimize distractions.

How to create a service landing page


Service Landing Page

You do not need any special software for a service landing page. A designer can add a page to a website that can act as a landing page. You can get inspiration by visiting other people’s landing pages especially those with high conversion rates.

A simple Google search can also help when it comes to inspiration while searching landing pages of your competitors may give you information on what you could do differently.

If you wish to use already created templates rather than designing your own from scratch, you can check if your webpage host has templates ready that you can use. You can visit websites like Landerapp to obtain a template for your website.

Alternatively, you can use landing page tools that allow you to launch the landing page with them or on your website.

How to make your service landing page effective


Service Landing Page

Your landing page should tag at people's heart. Since people have natural inclinations to pleasure and tend to flee from pain, you can make your copy utilize these feelings to your advantage.

People are easily convinced when they see people benefit from a service hence providing social proof will help bolster their resolve to buy. In proof from studies and research also serves the same purpose.

You should up-sell your unique selling proposition (USP) to make your page stand out from your competitors. Ensure your page has a Call to Action button that encourages them to try your service.



For effective service marketing and more effective customer targeting for service selling and for exposure, have a service landing page on your website.

You should ensure that your landing page is SEO friendly. This helps to direct more traffic to your page and website. It further enables you to make more conversions and sales from the leads you get.