CPA Landing Page

3 Steps To Build A Profitable CPA Landing Page

CPA basically means that one gets paid when someone selects the affiliate link and completes the action- cost per action. A CPA landing page therefore, refers to a landing page which uses elements such as:-


Benefit oriented copy and engaging with the media.

These elements convince visitors to take specific action that may include sign up, buy or a download. It is based on the fact that businesses pay advertisers the agreed amount of money for the actions they manage to generate.

3 Steps for creation of a CPA landing page


The three steps for creating a CPA landing page are:

  • Finding an offer
  • Joining a network
  • Creating your website for CPA

    #1. Find an offer

CPA Landing Page


The offer chosen should be aligned with the respective website’s existing traffic. The site can be discovered by using oDigger and which help to compile different offers from good CPA networks.

The common terms that can be expected when carrying out a search include

  • Traffic sources: The only traffic sources which can be used are emails and organic searches.
  • Display: These are basically text links and banner ads displayed on the website
  • Leads: This happens to be the most common act in CPA and mostly involves the use of emails,phones, name submissions etc.
  • Emails submit: It happens to be simple and preferred for untargeted traffic as users are only expected to give their area code and email addresses.
  • Incentive: This suggests that users can be manipulated when offered free products, services or downloads.
  • Pay-per-call: Get paid after another person clicks on your affiliate link.
  • Download/install: It is similar to pay per call with the difference being that payment is only given after a download or installation takes place.
  • Publisher: The promoter of an offer
  • AM- this means affiliate manager who is the person usually approached in a network
  • Sale or revenue share: This suggests that a person gets a percentage of every sale that takes place
  • Clicking on offer: Select an offer that seems suitable and review the details
  • CPA listing: When the landing page preview button is selected, the page seen by users following your link will be visible.
  • CPA landing page: It should be clean and professional; more fields lower conversion rates but bring in higher commissions.

#2. Join a network


CPA Landing Page


After considering all the offers, it best to choose the best offer and join the network which has that offer. Joining will need you to click on a link that is present on the offer page; once one joins a CPA network, they will find an application that contains a CPA affiliate applications.

#3. Design the website based on CPA


CPA is preferred over other marketing strategies because of its higher value on the value chain and its integrated advertising. A higher value chain means that for one to get a lot of money from a site one must get high up the value chain as possible.

With integrated advertising, one can integrate what CPA offers onto a site thus run a good website while benefiting from other site aspects.


CPA Pro Tips

Ensure you are close to your Affiliate Manager since you can receive a call or an email at any time.A good relationship with your Affiliate Manager gives you a chance to get commission bumps.