Landing Page Copywriting

6 Traits of Excellent Copywriting Readers Will Remember

A website is the digital representation of a company. Readers online come to know about a company’s services and history only via its website.

Because of this reason, it is important to develop a website that rightly describes the vision and mission of a company. A “Website is the 27*7 salesperson of a company”, so it has to be always attractive and updated.

It is very crucial to write a perfect copy for the website to attract more and more readers. Copywriting is not at all an easy task like it was before.

Earlier the writer would think for a while, come up with some creative new ideas and simply write for a website. This method even worked for them but will not work in today’s tech-savvy time.

With the introduction of the concept of “Optimization”, copywriting has become a little tedious and brainy task. If you are new to this and don’t have an idea what I am talking about, worry not; here we will be discussing some of the ways in which the task of writing a copy for a website can be done.

So, let us get started:

1. Identify your Audience


Identification of the audience is the very first step that every write should do. Knowing about the target audience helps a lot while writing.

If you start writing a copy without knowing about the audience, the copy will never bring positive results for you as the information will not reach to the specific audience. So, identification of the right audience helps to get started with the writing.

2. Curate Relevant Keywords




Keywords are the words which are niche-specific and most of the target audience is using them to look for the particular thing. Curating the high ranking and relevant keywords is another very important thing to be kept in mind.

These keywords are then added to the content; to the headlines in a way that it looks natural and not that they have been added forcefully. Once, a list of high ranking keyword is available, you are good to get started with the writing part.

3. Clear Headlines




As we all know that reading a book and reading a page online is very different. While reading a book, we all read every single word whereas while reading online we just look for the words on a page which we want to.

So, keeping the same point of view in mind of our target audience, we should write accordingly.

More number of headlines should be included in the copy to attract the reader attention. The keywords which are high ranking should be added in these headlines.

Google crawlers crawl these keywords and help in improving the rankings of website.

4. Write Short Paragraphs


Long paragraphs often bring boredom and increase the chance of losing the readers interest. Paragraph should be short and accurate in order to engage the readers.

5. Add Graphics


We all know that visuals have a deeper impact on humans as compare to the written information. Moreover pictures and videos make the page look more attractive and interesting.

So, adding visuals to the copy play a significant role in engaging the readers.

6. Don’t advertise too Much


Readers want to know about the information they are looking for and if there is continuous advertisement of the company, this may annoy the reader.

Instead of having a positive effect on readers, it may make him loose the interest in you. So, company advertisement should be done in a subtle way.


These were some of the tips that will help you in writing the best and optimized copy for your website. A website is the only way to reach out to the target audience online and has to be give total attention in every aspect.

So, implement the above-mentioned points while writing a copy for website and see the positive results.