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The Anatomy of a High Converting Webinar Landing Page

Webinars are quite essential to marketers as they are able to provide a direct connection to an audience to present yourself as a leader, a valuable resource while encouraging trust building. An audience is, however, required before a webinar is hosted and the audience is best attracted from signups through a well-crafted webinar landing page template.

Elements of Webinar Landing Page

Below are some of the features needed for the creation of a good landing page and ways of increasing the audience.

Generating Targeted Traffic


SEO can be used as an organic approach to increase visitors to the landing page but it is not suitable for short time use that is time restricted.

Use of Facebook ads and google ad words, on the other hand, will place the page where it can be accessed by target audience as well as increase the number of people visiting the page.

Have customized landing pages for the paid advertisements rather than use general ones to reduce bounce rates while increasing PPC quality score.

Use of targeted keywords will bring about an increase in traffic and consideration of the audience helps with the creation of an ad. Make good use of free apps to increase visitors to the page.

Use Suitable Headlines on Your Webinar Landing Page

Webinar Landing Page

Visitors to any site are more likely to read the headline while only 20% will read the other content that is present on the page.

This fact gives importance to the headline on any landing page as how well it attracts attention will determine whether the rest of the content will be read. Below are some tips for creating an attractive headline:

• Use number e.g. 10 steps… etc.

• Lead with a key benefit of the webinar

• Give popular culture references

• Ask a question the webinar will address

Include a Sub-headline


This should essentially build on the emotions projected by the headline. They are able to change a visitor scheming through into an avid reader. A sub-headline is expected to:

• Be clear and highlight the content of the page and its benefits

• Emphasize the need to act and interact with the page

• Introduce the keyword in use

• Breakdown content

Your Webinar Landing Page Must Have a Great Body Content


The content present on the body should aid conversion and sign-up. Great content should:

• Avoid overselling

• Have consistency when listing benefits. Use the same keywords

• Use customer testimonials

• Use direct speech in reference to the customer

• Incorporate the keywords naturally

Take Advantage Of Imagery


Imagery is able to attract the attention of a visitor but its use should be limited to avoid crowding and clutter and diversion from the main subject. The imagery in use should be complementary and relevant.


Webinar Landing Page

This is the call to a visitor to perform an action. The CTA button should contrast and be large enough to attract attention. Clues should be subtly used to direct a visitor to the button.

How do you increase registrations on your Webinar Landing Page?

Avoid Too Much Information


Highlight key information that summarizes the importance of the webinar to any potential customer. Clutter tends to drive visitors away.

Ensure there is simplicity in the registration process to ensure it is fast and does demand a long time period to fill out. Follow up can always be done after registration is complete.

Highlight the Advantages Of Signing Up


You should have a unique selling proposition (USP) that is able to outline advantages to watching the webinar.

Outline why it is important that people gain access to the webinar by detailing the speaker, their credentials, experiences, and their authority concerning the subject of discussion.

Include a summary of details relating to the speaker that can be accessed by interested visitors with the click of a button. This will avoid crowding.

Emphasize Why You're Different


Provide supporting information on why one should tune in to the webinar and what it offers that cannot be accessed elsewhere.

Include testimonials from customers and highlight why they liked your previous webinar. This will help establish trust.

Gain Advantage Using Video

Webinar Landing Page

Video content is seeing an increase in use suggesting that webinars that have video content can see high conversion rates of up to 80%.

Mobile users particularly prefer video content as it easily consumed when compared to content that is in text form.

Videos can prove quite expensive to create and can prove worthless unless they are of high quality.

They will also need redoing when they seem outdated. They are, however, valuable in providing a peek into the advantages to be realized from the webinar.

The video can advertise the skills the speaker possesses. A good video will deal with the reluctance faced by many before they sign up.

Limit the Number Of People Allowed Access


It has been proven that limiting anything will create urgency as a result of the exclusivity. This in turn increases need due to perceived scarcity.

Scarcity and urgency have been seen to increase a person's desire for the product or service.

Limiting the number of people who are to gain access to the webinar will allow for a valuable session that will include Q & A sessions, engaging with the speaker before the session and feedback from the audience to the speaker concerning the discussion.

Provide Reminders


These should be offered to those who've signup using the contact information provided to ensure they remember the time and do not miss out due to a memory lapse.

Create links that allow the visitor to add the webinar to their schedule or calendar.

Provide information that helps with the differences in time zones to ensure the visitor is able to attend the webinar despite time adjustments made.

Try and include time zones of different areas or include links that will help with figuring out what time the webinar can be accessed at the local time of a geographical area.

Certain services that are available free of charge are also able to calculate time zones. The reminder should be well timed to allow the attendees gain access to the event.

The reminders should always include an opt-out option if they are done periodically before the event. This allows one to deactivate the reminder once the event has been logged on their calendar.



Webinars have often been used to build one's reputation as a reliable source of information provided the webinar's landing page has been optimized to increase sign-ups.

Proper use of an image, CTA, testimonials and guiding arrows can lead to an increase in signups.

Making minute changes as per the guidelines already provided could bring about significant changes to the rate at which conversion takes place.

Audiences are always different and different products will have different selling points. Landing pages should always be created with the target audience in mind.

Always carry out tests and optimization process to help determine what could be improved to ensure the webinar is a greater success.

Lander can provide professional help with the creation of a quality landing page while at the same time, providing additional services such as the review of the page before launch.

Making good use of a webinar landing page template is able to create significant success when carrying out a campaign thus increasing the success of the business consistently.