Squeeze page Template

Best Converting Squeeze page Template for High Conversions

 It is a page designed for one specific goal which is to get visitors to submit their email address to the page. A good Squeeze Page template gives visitors the option to subscribe and leave their email address and offers benefits in return.

It is really that easy. How alluring and relevant the squeeze page is, determines the conversion rate. Conversion rate here refers to how many people subscribe.

Features of An Effective Converting Squeeze Page Template


It is quite easy to set up a squeeze page, and it barely takes that much time. The work comes in where you need good conversion rates and let’s face it, you need good conversion rates for your squeeze page.

So here is a list of elements that make up an effective squeeze page:

• An interesting headline that is relevant to your message.

• Images of the product or service offered.

• A brief explanation of the product offered.

• The sign up form asking for minimal information, that is, the email address only.

• A call to action button that is very visible and preferably a personalized one.

• No exit links.

An example of a squeeze page with all the aforementioned elements is shown below:


Squeeze page Template


The squeeze page template attracts you to it immediately. With a catchy headline that you simply cannot resist and an image of the author of the book on offer to make the visitors more comfortable, and the page more 'relatable', you simply cannot bypass it.

The image of the book also gives one a hint of what to expect; the call to action button is hard to miss, with a yellow color that contrasts with the rest of the contents.

Exit Buttons: To Add Or Not To Add?


Note that  a good squeeze page template has no exit button. Avoid the exit buttons as you want the only action by the visitors to be subscribing on your form.

Availing more options for your visitors to take will only lead to fewer conversion rates.

You may include an exit button if your squeeze page appears as a pop up on a website or another page to allow the visitors to be able to leave once they are done. Take the image below as an example of a pop-up squeeze page template.


Squeeze page Template


Examples of Effective Squeeze Page Template


Depending on your line of work, you may have different designs of squeeze pages and with different contents.

For a firm in the beauty industry, for instance, the contents should be able to tell what is offered. Visual appeal is important for an effective squeeze page template.

Try to achieve this using while creating your own. You can put up images of previous clients, or models showing off your product and what it does for one.  The squeeze page template may look like this;


Squeeze page Template

You can also offer discounts on your squeeze page to attract more traffic. In the image below, note how the discount is put in bold to attract one to the offer.

Squeeze page Template


Squeeze Page Tips and Tricks


There are no guaranteed ways of achieving higher conversions. No formulas that you can use or magic to work on your squeeze page and increase conversion rates.

At the end of the day, visitors will visit your page only if the offer suits their needs and the offer is a great one for them.

That said, it is always good to have a few tricks up your sleeve that you can try out to find which works best for you.

Couple that with targeted effort on attracting traffic and relevant offers for the potential clients.

These may improve your conversion rates and possibly take your firm to a higher level. Let us look at a few of these tricks.

Collect Only Necessary Information


The forms on the squeeze page are the main item of the page. They collect email addresses and any other information as prompted.

For this sign up form, I find it better for one to keep the information required very minimal. In fact, an email address should suffice. It is all you need to contact the potential clients later.

You may have seen squeeze pages that ask for a lot of information, from both names to phone number, the firm where the visitor works and other such information. Put yourself in the shoes of your visitor for a moment.

You’re busy doing something on the internet, maybe browsing through a website or on a social media site, and you land on this squeeze page.

It piques your interest, and you decide to subscribe. It then goes ahead to ask for information you find private, takes up a lot of your time just subscribing. What do you do? Chances are that you get bored and move on ahead, ignoring it.

To avoid such, just get what you need. If you are the kind to personalize emails sent, you may collect first names for this specific purpose.

If not, try not to waste the time of the visitor so as not to lose them at the very final stage.

Have an Offer that Will Require the Email


Whatever you offer your visitors should require an email address. For instance, do not offer just a video that they will have if they subscribe.

They may weigh it and find it not worthy of a subscription. Instead, opt for more relevant offers such as a short course or a series of webinars discussing something beneficial to the visitors.

Make it interesting and different from what they may have access to anywhere else at no cost.

Call to Action Buttons With the Benefits


The Call to action button can be used to further emphasize the benefits that a visitor stands to gain by signing up.

The default text on this button is ‘Submit’ but this does nothing to persuade a visitor to subscribe.

You need to have your visitors reminded of the benefits all throughout so that it’s not about what they give but what they get out of it. For instance, you can have ‘Start the course now’ if you offer short courses.

Give Away Less


The squeeze page generally includes an offer for the visitors. When deciding what to offer, remember that less is more.

You may want to offer a lot as a way to persuade the potential clients to sign up for your email list.

However, you might want to remember that the visitors don’t want something that will weigh them down.

Having many pages of a PDF or a long list of content to cover for short courses may have them losing interest.

They are sure they will not manage to go through all of it thus have no benefit in having access to the offer.

Having less information that is easier to absorb is better for both you and the client. If the visitor finds it valuable, he or she will go for the offer.

Finally, keep it simple. Do not overload you potential clients with information, and ensure your squeeze page is appealing to the viewers.

Squeeze pages are a great way to initiate communication with potential clients. Having high conversion rates may, therefore, lead to more prospects.