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Best ways to Increase e-commerce Conversion Rates

The number of people shopping online is at its highest ever in history. Conversion rates for e-commerce stores have remained low nonetheless. The following steps can increase conversion rates:

Match Your Web Copy for the PPC Visitors


Investing in pay per click ads on websites provides the opportunity to easily increase conversions. This strategy increased the sign-ups for a travels site, Secret Escapes  by 26%.

Keep the Page Simple and Uncluttered


It is important that the e-commerce store focuses only on the products sold and how to buy them. This will ensure that the page doesn’t have other links that distract buyers by directing them to other pages.

When the hardware e-commerce store Taloon.com  removed the buttons for social media form there page, conversions increased by 11.9%.

Add Photos of Happy Customers


Customers want to picture themselves enjoying a product. Therefore having images of customers satisfied by a product will cause conversion to rise.

Create a Deals and Promotion Page


A provision for a box for promo codes is common in e- commerce stores. This provision however distracts the customers.

Creating a page that outlines clearly the provision for discount and other benefits that can be enjoyed by buyers of a product will work better to persuade customers to make buys.

Improve Your Site Load Times


Long load times caused decreased conversion rates while reducing page load time causes an overall page value increase.   Reducing page speed to 1 second or less result in the greatest value increase

as shown below:


Conversion Rates


Chart via Portent.com

Basic speed improvements can reduce longer load times caused by large photos in websites.

Offer Free or Reduced Shipping For Certain Purchases


Besides the product price on the tag, shipment costs can dissuade customers from making purchases. Conversions can therefore be increased by waiving or reducing shipment costs for some products.

Vary Your Call-To-Action Button Language


Conversion Rates


Online shopping may entail procedures such as entering credit card data, shipping data and creating sign in accounts which can be stressful, especially where small screens like mobile phone are used. Annoying processes should be modified.

Some call to action buttons can also discourage customers thus a unique call to action that shows the buyer they are progressing in the checking out process is recommended.

Send an Abandoned Shopping Cart Reminder


For various reasons, about 69% of online shopping carts are abandoned. By sending shopping cart recovery emails to customers within 30 minutes of the carts of being abandoned, Randley London, an accessory brand recovered 7.9% of sales that would have been lost.

Another company, Movies Unlimited, also reported 26% conversion rates from a similar approach.

Include Customer Reviews of Your Products


A study by Econsultancy showed that 61 of customers read online reviews while others by Reevoo and Express Watches found that reviews led to increased sales.

Integrate the Right Content to Attract the Right Customers


Have content that is in sync with your target population. Include content to market your product to the target audience.

Tactfully Link to Products from Your Resource Driven Content


When content investments is prioritized, then investing in resources that’ll be useful to customers for many years is one of the best options.

Tips For Packing a Backpack, Zappo’s Running Shoe Fit Guide, and Turntable Lab’s Beginner’s Guide to Turntables, each designed to educate the buyer on making purchases, are excellent examples for online marketplace.

The example below from the Beginner’s Guide to Turntables educates the buyer on properly setting up the cartridge on a turntable:


Conversion Rates