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7 Reliable Tips To Increase Your Conversion Rate

Conversion rate refers to the percentage of all online visitors compared to the percentage of those who perform desired actions on the site. Different businesses have different conversation rates depending on the nature of the business.

Businesses which use many methods to improve conversion rates experience a greater output in terms of income and profit. Thus the higher the conversions rate the higher growth rate of the business.

Conversion Rate

Conversion rate can be divided into two main categories:

  • Online conversion rate
  • Offline conversion rate

Increasing conversion rates online


Conversion Rate

Here are techniques of increase conversion rates online:

1. Social proof


By including a platform on the business website for testimonials and case studies, business owners can have customer reviews, feedback and testimonials to vouch for their products or services.

Consequently, providing screenshots and images as evidence that other customers are satisfied with your services or products is a great way of convincing new visitors.

2. Clear contact information


Most noteworthy it is always important to provide clear information about your business such as the contact details of the business.

As a business manager, you should ensure that the information you provide is clear and easily accessed by visitors.

Provide contacts which work and where customers can reach you fast, and where you are always available to talk to them.

Easy access and clear contact information enable customers to get the responses they need and increases the conversation rate.

3. Guarantees


When you give a guarantee to your customers on the product you are selling, boost their confidence on your business and products.

Offering longer guarantees to your customers increases conversion rates. Guarantee boost customer’s confident on your products and attracting many customers to buy a product from your businesses.

4. Headlines

When people visit any website, the headline is the first thing they read. The headline for every web site determines whether the reader will continue reading or will immediately exit that website.

Providing appropriate headlines increases the conversion rate for your business.

5. Credibility


When your business has trustworthy and reliable seals from an organization such as VeriSign which is a web security firm, it makes make people have confident on your organization.

As a result visitors feel that your products are worth purchasing thus improving the conversion rate of your business.

Increasing conversion rates offline


Conversion Rate

Most of the online conversion rates strategies are used to increase the conversion rates offline.

Online conversion rates such providing evidence and testimonials of satisfied customers, offer longer guarantees, and improved credibility increases the conversion rates. The following are other offline methods used to increase the conversion rates.

6. Trial closes


These are questions you pose to potential customers who do not influence their final buying decision. They enable you to read a customer’s mind and make it easy for you to predetermine customers’ needs.

Trial questions put customers at ease and make them feel part of the business and leave them satisfied. This in turn increases the conversion rate. Here is a sample trial question:

If we were able to offer you this for a price that works for you, is this something you’d like to move forward with?

7. Get customers to invest their time


The longer a customer stays on your site, the higher the likelihood of them making a purchase, or increasing the number of purchases. It helps to show customers products which are a substitute or complement to the products they are buying.

Further to giving prices, it important to engage them in conversation about your products or services.

Engaging them in conversation makes them feel valued and appreciated. During conversations with customers, you learn the weaknesses of your customer handling skills so that you are able to improve and engage with your customers better.



Conversion rate tracking is important and should be part of your marketing and sales campaign to increase your conversion rate.

You should track your conversion rate daily and monthly to help you understand where you succeed and where you need to make adjustments or improvements.

Tracking enables you to keep your business ahead of your competitors, to increase revenue and profit, and enables you to expand your business.