Conversion Rate Optimization

How to make Money with Conversion Rate Optimization


Conversion rate optimization is a very important online marketing strategy. It should be every online marketer’s aim to optimize the conversion rates for his or her website.

This article will give you some awesome strategies that you can use to make your optimization page super successful.

What does conversion rate mean?


Conversion Rate Optimization


Conversion rate is the measure of the percentage number of visitors and readers that land on your web page. The following are possible conversion signals that your website can register.

Any of these actions are will turn a passive observer to an active prospect, customer or client.

Visitors register their details on tour website.

• A visitor orders a product or seeks your services through your website.

• Conversion is also recorded when a visitor becomes an affiliate of your website.

• When a visitor downloads your free marketing book.

• If visitors give you feedback either through email, online chat or phone call.

• When visitors opt to be recipients of RSS feeds, newsletters and other subscriptions.

• If your visitors opts to take any other action that is specified in your website then it is converted.

Conversion rate calculation


Conversion Rate Optimization


From the description of what a conversion rate is, you can easily and efficiently calculate your website’s overall conversion or the conversion for each landing page. All the pages that you have on your website each has a mission that it wants to accomplish.

To get the conversion rate for either the website or a page it is important to define the goal you expect to achieve first. The following is the procedure to follow to achieve this:

1.The first step is to get the total number of conversions for your page or for the entire website.

2.The next step you should take is to go to your website analytics tools and find out the number of visitors landing on the page or website and whether the goal conversions are applicable to all the pages that are found on your website.

3.Once you are done with both steps 1 and step 2, you should proceed to divide the numbers you got in step 1 with the one you got in step 2 and then multiply the results by 100. This will give you the conversion rate for your website or page.

For example if you have 60 visitors to your landing page and only 5 take the required actions, the conversion rate will be expressed as follows

What is conversion rate optimization?


Conversion Rate Optimization


This is a marketing strategy to increase yours sales, leads, opt-ins and all the other forms of conversion methods in a website without having to increase in online advertisement or website traffic.

Conversion rate optimization gives you a chance to increase your website’s revenue, sales, customers and leads without having to buy additional traffic.

Conversion rate optimization involves using your website traffic result to figure out the needs of your customer, sources and feedback so that you can be able to improve their experiences and engagements and consequently increasing your conversion rates.

Benefits of conversion rate optimization


•They give you a better understanding of your visitors and their preferences.

•Conversion rate optimization gives you an edge over your other business competitors.

•It helps you get more leads without having to spend more money.

•Conversion rate optimization helps you engage more with the visitors to your site.

•It can also help improve your visitors’ experience on your website.

• Further it also help turn visitors into prospective clients or customers.

•It is an easy and cheap compared to traffic generation.


These are some great insights to help you monetize your conversions. After all, isn’t that what you want?