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Best Colors to Boost Conversion Rates on Landing Pages


You might not realize it but color schemes contribute greatly to the number of visitors or click your landing page receives. The right colors and the design of your website are one of the most important factors that customers consider when purchasing goods or services.

Choosing the right color combinations helps in maximizing conversions hence is of crucial importance.
According to Kissmetrics, 85% of customers associate color as the primary reason for most of their purchases.

Kissmetrics is a how-to web page that provides recommendations on the color schemes of your website.

They state that red, orange, black and royal blue colors are best suited for impulse shoppers; navy blue and teal are used to target shoppers who are on a budget; and colors like pink, sky blue, and rose target traditional shoppers; especially when it comes to clothing brands.

How to pick the best colors for your landing page


For your business to thrive, you need to identify your niche. Who is your target market and how can you seduce them to buy your goods or services?

Understanding your target niche is one of the first and most important lessons you learn in the marketing industry. You are required to learn their cultures and what different goods and services help them in their daily lives.

When determining the colors or visual appearance of your landing page, you will need to familiarize yourself with what the different shades of colors mean in that particular culture that your target market belongs to.

Different people possess different cultures. For instance, Western countries view white as a color symbolizing purity while China views it as one that shows death and lamentation.

Another vital factor to examine when deciding on color schemes is the theme of your website. Select colors that do not tire the eyes of your visitors.

Using a color that aligns to your website helps in reinforcing the familiarity principle, which suggests that people are lured by what they already know. The colors that you decide on should display the overall ‘character’ of your goods or services.

Let us review the meaning of some of the most common colors that are used in websites and landing pages and what they mean.

1. White


Conversion Rate


White is a symbol of purity, optimal health, transparency, and cleanliness. It goes perfectly well with blue if your website is business oriented. White is used on many websites as a background color as it blends with every other color.

2. Black


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Black is simply all colors combined in one. It goes with every other color out there. In many films, black is a color that exhibits evil and conveys a sense of power. It is best when it is used to advertise luxury products or services.

3. Red


Conversion Rate


Generally, red is used to exhibit love and Christmas. It communicates urgency and inspires hunger. Think about it, many fast food spots such as McDonald’s, KFC, and Apple bees. It is said to be the best color for conversion as it draws attention to buttons in websites or landing pages.

4. Yellow


Conversion Rate


Yellow is a bright and eye-catching color which conveys the feeling of happiness and optimism. Often, it inspires creativity hence it is best used to relay a soothing effect to those who view it.

5. Blue


Conversion Rate


Blue is the universal corporate color. It is often associated with depth and stability, therefore used to portray trust, openness, honesty, faith, truth, loyalty, wisdom, and intelligence. It conveys a calming effect since it slows down metabolism.

Colors have the power to make lasting impressions and transmit moods to their observers. They can inspire or depress as they are connected with feelings, moods, and thoughts.

Therefore, it is crucial that you carefully determine the colors that are displayed on your landing page and website.