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Tips to Increase Conversion Rates without Increasing Traffic

Once you create a landing page, the end goal is to grow your business with a higher conversion rate. Initially, the idea is to increase traffic to your site and ultimately, the traffic will be converted to customers.

More visitors should equal to more customers, right? However, you will realize that as time goes by, your conversion rate will drop.

This is because, theoretically, you have managed to convince the maximum number of visitors in your niche to click on your site, but they have not been thoroughly persuaded to purchase anything from your site.

Do not fret! Here are a few ways to increase the number of customers without necessarily having to increase traffic to your site.  It is advisable to try these solutions one at a time to find out what works best for you.

More buyers without increasing traffic; is it possible?


Conversion Rate


To ensure that your leads are successfully transformed to be buyers, you have to ensure that the keywords used in your site and landing page are relevant.

Go to your site and see to it that the words used are persuasive and of a friendly nature. Change them if you need to, the chief objective being to ascertain that your leads relate and find the need for your products or services.

Another option is to review the buying process that your clients have to go through. The purchase process between choosing a particular item or type of service to when the item or service is in the possession of the customer should be short and precise.

Guarantee that the process is as direct as possible. However, it is important not to rush your leads to purchase. As they say, desperation can be smelt half a mile away. Give your visitors time to go to your site and gain more information on the various items available.

It is said that video content is more persuasive than text content. Put up different forms of content on your site that is interactive with your target market.

For instance, a tutorial or an explanation of your services can do wonders in increasing conversion rates for your sites.

Similarly, changing the visual appearance of images in your site or landing page might surprise you. Kissmetrics showed that sites that use red buttons are more effective as compared to green buttons.

In case these simple solutions do not foster positive change in your site, you might want to try more drastic measures like changing the whole design of your website as well as the content on the site.

From color schemes to the layout, to the headlines, to the call-to-action button; all of it can be redesigned. A new and refreshing site might be exactly what you need.

 Higher Conversion Rate: Business as an experiment


Conversion Rate


Business is all about innovative and unique ideas being transformed into profit-making ventures. Experimenting and trying out new ideas is the very base of running successful businesses.

You might not have new ideas as often as you would like, due to the pressure you exert on yourself, hence it would be best if you involve other people in the thought process.

Distance yourself from the site and let employees or close and loyal friends to air their ideas.

Once your conversion rate has increased to its optimum or to your liking, then you can start again to attract visitors to your site.

You can do this by either investing in more advertising or encouraging word-of-mouth campaign by your customers.

Similarly,  for you to keep  visitors clicking, you can ascertain that your website name is easy to remember and that the website is well designed so that it is easier to bookmark the site as well as ensuring that your visitors can easily follow you on social media platforms.

Websites and landing pages can greatly lead to the growth of your business. They are a great investment that needs to be explored widely by every business owner.

Create your site and higher conversion rate landing page today and enjoy the benefits that come from it.