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Hot tips to Increase Landing Page Conversion Rate


A business can always benefit from high converting landing pages. Higher conversion rates mean more customers, and more customers mean more profit potential.

The purpose of every landing page is to capture leads and warm them up before sending them further down to the sales funnel. Every detail of the page should have a deeper purpose for being there other than a need to fill up space.

From the size and color of the call-to-action button to the length of the copy, every choice made should have a strategic reasoning behind it. Once a foundation for the page is ready, it’s time to test it.

To help you with all this, here is a list of some tips to improve the landing page’s conversion rate:



Consistency refers to two things. The first is consistency in the information that is presented. Any inconsistency in the facts you present will be a huge red flag for potential clients.

For instance, if the site says you’ve helped 300+ clients on your landing page, but says 250+ clients on the actual site, your credibility will immediately shrink.

The second is consistency in the user’s experience. New does not mean better for everyone. Consistency entails a sense of comfort for those visiting your landing page.

Making step-by-step Changes


Sometimes businesses are so focused on revamping their landing page that they forget to think from a client’s perspective. Complete landing page redesigns can lead to confusion and stress for clients who previously felt comfortable and confident when visiting the page.

In some cases, a complete redesign has caused up to a 20% drop in conversion rates. Instead of letting this happen, ease them into the process with gradual improvements that excite and educate them one step at a time.

By gathering data and using that data to make incremental changes to your landing page, you will know more precisely what the cause of the downfall was and then reverse it, eventually boosting your landing page conversion rate.

Focus on a specific module


A landing page should have one, and only one, intended action in mind. More calls-to-action means more confusion for the prospect, so make it as clear as possible for your prospects what it is that you want them to do.

Try cutting the copy in half to ensure that everything you say is relevant to the one product or service you are trying to sell. Try limiting the value proposition to two lines in order to keep the content clear and concise.

Get rid of excess distractions by providing as few images, copy, and forms as possible. This will make it immediately clear for potential clients what you offer and what they should do next.

Phrase and Format Testing


Conversion Rate

The way a call-to-action, value proposition, and headline are phrased can make or break your landing page’s conversion rate. Instead of “Create an account now”; try “Sign me up!” or “Get me started!” .

The first one sounds selfish, implying that creating an account will benefit you, whereas the latter reminds the visitors of the benefits that are being provided to them.

Keep the value proposition simple and clear by limiting it to what your business is offering and how it will benefit your client in two short sentences. Always make sure that you are proposing a unique solution that your client would not find anywhere else.

Creating a sense of urgency


Creating a sense of urgency or scarcity is an effective approach that can be implemented into a landing page.

For instance, if the call-to-action includes a free e-book in exchange for signing up for your email list, you can create a sense of urgency by saying that only the first hundred to sign up will be given access to the free ebook.

This induces the visitor to act quickly and take the intended action.

Boosting the landing page conversion rate is indeed a tough task, as there’s no proven formula for getting it right.

The above five-step guide should give you a foundation to optimize each element of the landing page, leading to improved conversion rate on your landing page, eventually taking your business to new heights.

That’s exactly what you want, right?