Contest Landing Page

Top Examples of Contest Landing Page You Need To See


A contest landing page is a web page that is specifically designed to capture a visitor’s information or prompt a specific action from your target audience.

They are typically linked to social media, email campaigns or search engine advertisements, in order to enhance the effectiveness of a campaign.

By directing users to a contest landing page that includes elements such as engaging copy, clear call to actions, and a catchy headline, the chances of visitors taking the desired action increases.

Here we provide some great contest landing page examples, and explain what makes them work:

Contest Landing Page #1: FluidSurveys


Contest Landing Page


Clear value proposition: The headline is very simple and leaves no doubt about the purpose of the page and the product. And it’s nicely backed up by a well-written explanation of some of the core benefits.

Highlighted testimonial: The brushed highlight of the testimonial gives it a bit of extra design zing and prevents the page from feeling too text heavy.

Contrast: They chose two nicely contrasting colors to highlight important elements. The free label and the form CTA.

Contest Landing Page #2: Golden Sands


Contest Landing Page

•Price: Travel is very much about price, and they get that out of the way right off the bat, so you can move on to the finer details after understanding if you can afford it or not.

•Endorsement: The Trip Advisor certificate of excellence lets you know that a recognized authority has validated the company.

Contest Landing Page #3: Cheezburger

Contest Landing Page

•Content chunking: Like the previous example, the page is broken down vertically in a way that makes it easy to digest. They aid getting you back to the top (as it’s a long page) with the classic top links at the end of each section.

•Strong clarity in the value proposition: The headline is simple and inviting. The secondary block of content and CTA explain in simple terms that you can create a free site via this contest landing page.

Contest Landing Page #4: ReadItForMe


•Major endorsements: Having testimonials from big names like Zappos and top business author Daniel Pink gives instant credibility.

•Good use of the highlighter: Some old-school sales letters really overdo the yellow highlighter pen – but here it’s really useful at bringing some of their core benefits to your attention.

•Design break: Although a little way down the page – the extended stripe stops you in your tracks and brings the subscription CTA to your attention.

This type of break in the design is an excellent way to increase attraction.

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Contest Landing Page #5: Crikey!


•Starts with a bang: Crikey is right! The big bold headline tells you right away that you’re getting a free trial, helping to increase the no-risk factor.

•Simplicity: The secondary headline spells out what you’ll get and the 3 bullet benefits are crystal clear, giving a boost to your contest landing page.

•Social proof: The testimonials (one from a big name) let you know it’s probably worthwhile.

Contest Landing Page #6: Echodemic


•Opening statement: The opening sentence describes their offering perfectly and succinctly.

•Social proof: The decent sized Facebook following lends credibility to their appeal and the fact that they understand how to build a following which is what they are selling.

•Honesty: It tells you the cost, so you can weigh up the potential value associated with extending your brand reach.

•Clear contact method: The big phone number increases the trust factors by letting you know there are real people to deal with.

This will also help with being able to assess the time, number of fans (what demographic they are) and value that you’ll get for your spend.

These days, people finally seem to be getting the message about being more explanatory and creative with their CTA copy.

From the selection of “lead generation” landing page examples shown, a whopping 73% are doing it right and describing what will happen after pushing the buttons!

These examples will inspire you into making what could be a great contest landing page.