Content Writer vs Copywriter

Content Writer vs Copywriter: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Content Writer vs Copywriter; Content marketing involves creating and sharing free information which in turn converts prospects into buyers and buyers to loyal frequent buyers. Examples are blogs, eBooks, reports podcasts, videos, and email auto respondents.

Copywriting involves engaging readers to spark their interest to make them specific actions, examples include: sales pages, ads, and direct mail.

Copywriting can not only be for purchasing products but also signing to mail post or for more information. Its examples include advertising, brochures, direct mail letters, press release, radio and TV transcript, and website landing pages.

As much as this two marketing tools seem different they are effective when blended, how do you do this?

Content Writer vs Copywriter: Content Without Copywriting is a Waste of Good Content


You might find a lot of podcast on the internet with very few listeners. Whether you are providing good content for your podcast, but your traffic is low, the problem is definitely effective copywriting:

Boring headline: When your headline does not captivate the attention of your readers or listeners, it doesn’t give your listeners any reason to click through the rest of your content.

Technical headline: In this case you are using technical language, showing how smart you are this might have a negative effect. You will have detached yourself from your audience; simple personal headlines would be more appealing.

Clear information on how your content is useful to reader: Your content, as well as your product, must have significance to the customer.

Your content does not build any trust or connection with the customer: You can get attention by doing negative things, but it does not transcribe to the number of customers subscribe.

You do not have any leverage or social proof: It is unwise to show your readers content that is not proven nor has some proven practicality.

Unclear call to action: You might have the best content that your audience relates to and understand, but lacks direction on what the audience should do with the acquired information.

Copywriting seeks to direct people or inform them to take action on a specific idea. Content Marketing has some of the best traits they include:

Generous; in that they provide more information to its users.

Confident to in its information; this is because the information has proof, it has been tested, and this creates builds trust with your audience and customers.

Smart; it provides an explanation for technical facts in the simplest way, understood by the audience.

Friendly; the information can be packaged to suit different form depending on the interest of the audience.

This is how you build a loyal frequent following, which would have a chance of converting to buyers.

Content Writer vs Copywriter: Copywriting Without Content is a Waste of Good Copy


Content Writer vs Copywriter


From the above explanation, you might think that copywriting is the key, but that is not the case.

You would be getting the views with no important content. Smart marketing should encompass the following principles in formulating content marketing:

• Free content: be generous and provide no charges for your content, this will attract individuals and when it starts feeling like it’s too valuable, you should know you are doing something right.

• Produce enjoyable content: Only marketers enjoy advertisements, you should package your content to fun and relatable to your audience. This makes it part of them not easy to part with.

• Attracting the right audience or target market: Make it easier for people looking for it to find it.
Good content should build a relationship with the audience, in its delivery and not feel like a sales pitch.

Content Writer vs Copywriter: Copywriting Advantages


Persuasion: deals with converting the audience to customers

Creativity: It crafts the information to suit audience

Boldness: clear and straight to the point.


Smart marketer prefers content net approach; this is a combination of strategic copywriting with cutting-edge content to achieve the best from both tactical approaches.

Content Writer vs Copywriter: Differences Between The Two


Content Writer vs Copywriter


Content marketing encourages developing of original content on the internet, it aims at creating a long lasting relationship on attracting a customer to the brand.

It is an opportunity for the business to communicate with its audience directly; it brings people enquiring about the same product or service, right to the brand.

Copywriting, on the other hand, provides or produces content for an audience but it is limited to written content. They encourage and direct an audience to take action.

Copywriting style of writing convinces its audience to take action at the moment, because its main goal is to motivate long term conversation.

It is more of a conversation gradually converting prospects to buyers. It is also straight to the point and direct.

Content marketing writing style is more creative, free flow of details and maybe casual in tone compared to copywriting.

Content Writer vs Copywriter: Problem With Content Marketing and Copywriting


Both content marketing and copywriting have common problems, they include:

• Boring headlines, this does not tick the interest of the audience to reading the rest of the content

• No clear details on what to do with the information, it might be very informative but it does not direct the audience on what to do with the acquired information.

• Lack of consistency throughout the content, this describes clear information.

• Low quality, the content can be of low quality, hence not useful to the user.

• Too many keywords, this will be a problem for your audience to keep track of hence losing focus on the information.

• Too detailed content, individuals at time do not have time to read detailed articles.

• Content that is not useful to users in any way.

Hence you should be careful with what information you use and how you use it, this is for both cases, because you might end up annoying your audience and visitors.

Content Writer vs Copywriter: How do You Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy?


Below are some tips that will kick start you to effective content marketing:

Why do we suggest the blending of content marketing and copywriting? This is because they complement each other and provide the desired outcome.

Content marketing relies on long-term strategy, which involves introducing a visitor to the brand and growing them over time. It also informs on the value it instills on them if they use the product or service, copywriting come in at this point. It moves these visitors closer to the conversion point.

Copywriting nudges the customers into action, not too strong but by excreting just enough pressure. The final objective of both copywriting and content marketing is the same, which is interacting with new customers and making them a priority offering personalized content.

A good example is if you want options pricing list for specific products. You would use a general blog post to acquire the prices.

The blog would have two aspects, one part would provide detailed information on the prices and how they are. The second bit will indicate which prices are the best for the most favorable products in the market.

It is important to get proper, unique content or copywriting and the right manner to blend the two, for effectiveness, efficiency, and the desired results.